Curren$y - Grizzly (ft. Young Roddy) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Curren$y - Grizzly (ft. Young Roddy)

Grizzly Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1 - Young Roddy]
Guess who’s bizack
You can smell the blow in my clothes
I relapse, bitch
This one for my homies who been trappin’ in that trap, bitch
Who tryin’ to go get it
Push that pedal to the mat, bitch
But if it’s ’bout some business
Tell ‘em hit me on my ?
I’m self-made man
I never had to piggyback
Like Paul Pierce, I’m the truth
No lyin’ in these raps
Use Good Sense bags
To bag this audio crack
Real nigga, with my brother
I spit my last
True stoner, every moment
Smokin’ on that gas
Success all in my pathway
I got them haters mad
I’m only catchin’ flights
They catchin’ feelings mad fast
So bitch ass niggas probably talk behind my back
Gold diggin’ bitches tryin’ to get keys to my pad
Sorry, never that
Nice try, but never that, ho
Tryin’ not to make a sound
Creepin’ out that back, doe, piss po’
But I got my eye on a milli
Twistin’ up that killer
Got my fingertips sticky
I thought this chick was with me
Tryin’ to stick my for my chippies
Always had a feelin’ she was tryin’ to catch my slippin’
I guess she on her grizzly too

Fat ass, pretty face
Shorty, she a killer
Fat ass, pretty face
Shorty, she a killer
Damn, I guess she on her grizzly too

[Verse 2 - Curren$y]
One for the money, two for the bitches
Can’t knock the hustle
Cause mama on her grizzly
If them niggas fall for it
Then she pick up them Benjis
Niggas’ll support her
Escort her through them corridors
It ain’t nothin’ but Gs
Feel the aura, ho
To a captain saver, my set is a horror show
Hold tight behavior, corrected
Whenever the real step in
Swear she got that pimp scent off me
That the smell of that money
And that killer in the car with me
Bitches callin’ me daddy
Got me feelin’ quite fatherly
A boss in these streets
Checkin’ my financial gains quarterly
Profit margins increase largely
Smart ass bitches is on me
Aware of my growth, my net, my gain
But I reverse that
I’m at your throat bitch, this game
Oh, you on your grind?
I’m double time on mine
Check that


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