Curren$y - Kingpin

Kingpin Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Currensy]
La la la la
Jet, jet, jet la la la la

[Verse 1: Currensy]
Yo, I make cocaine
bitches gettin high from my music
I just left the studio
I swear I treat that bitch just like a crack house
I put that work in pull them stacks out
Now Im ridin' round in that Ferrari
Fifty racks in the jaridge back pack
I turn any situation into a party
But wait, I be makin' cocaine
Dealin' money from this motherfuckin rap thing
Yo, I get back to the studio
I tell my bitch bring an ounce and a pack of cones hoe long
I be writin' cocaine
Raps every dope bitch wanna dope man
I just left the studio
Bitch want a g neck I come ride through
She put it on her life she in love with me
Baby girl just in love what that dick do
Her home girl said I was official
So now she comin' for herself to see if its true
Wait, I be writin cocaine
Raps at the crib chillen watchin' Scarface (yeah)
Got a bitch rollin' up
Now Im smokin' while that bitch be makin' pizza rolls
OG kush put you in the sleeper hold
If you a rookie then my doobies you don't need to smoke
Around here we was raised by the G-code
Around here it aint said you already know
That I can make
Audio dope man
Of this audio dope game mayne

[Outro: Currensy]
I can make
la la la la la
I can make
la la la la la
Audio dope mayne
I can make
Your wife out my mother fuckin.. oh
Let me hear it

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