Curren$y - Light Snax [paroles]

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Curren$y - Light Snax

Paroles: Light Snax

A lime to a lemon my Jetset Women
Say she only feel alive when she wit em
Jet Life tryna show she ride or die even if it kill her
I guess that’s why I dig her
She throwin up the set in all her pictures

Smoke dilla through the cracked window
Heavy conversation light dinner
Destination and into the navigation
A gps we kept in an out of state rental
Underneath the moon and stars riding to that krizzle
You like that sound
That’s my nigga he from Mississippi

Champagne flutes cheese crepes and fruit
Fuck you know
Four seasons brunch
Rolling a joint hitting buffet tables the fuck up
Get you baked till your man ??? he knows whats what
Your friends hating on you saying you lucked up
A lime to a lemon my jetset women
They allow me to get in where ever I fit in
I stop by we be chillin’ I get high wit em
She caught three nuts but she never catch feelings
And bitch with that disposition we can count millions
I see that in ya got that 420 vision
’98 livin’ these iceberg sweats got 20 racks in em
Light Snacks