Curren$y - Trip To London (ft. Fiend) [paroles]

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Curren$y - Trip To London (ft. Fiend)

Paroles: Trip To London

Before I have to kill somebody
Before somebody ices me
Are you with me?

No type of instinct for running
I wish you would came with me to London
I never knocked this hustle!
I was the one that gave a muscle
And showed them about to make a missile
Snap a.. only by the thorns
Against the BBA got a…
Defeat Tina, look, I keep.. on your waste line
A few thoughts, and they really wanna cease mine
Why they wanna replace mine?
Shots to kill her, when I chase mine!
I won’t bullet proof transport even… who mad mine
Smoking that red pine and save mine
I had to seek you
Now I’m one of the ones that will speak it!

I will never go down, no!
Mother fucker I will fall!

Yeah, life was never… the vice replied
…but the game was tighter
Al Pacino… Michelle Pfeiffer
Also about the action, because they was actors
This real shit is tragic, homie them automatics is actually clapping
We gonna have to pour liquor if you can’t move a lil faster
They will spare your sister out of respect,
but they ain’ getting at her
Cause you gone home, it don’t matter
Shit cold as fuck, and we know every day happens
Some people never knew until the first 48 came through the television
But my niggas really living in the…

No type of instincts for running
I wish you would came with me to London