Paroles: At Night

I just did a three peat, brought three Chevy's all last week
Lowriders on canal street
Rag top, Chevy, 7 deep
Catching stunts on my old hoe
At the red light, she was in the Ford Focus
Cause I was in the vvrrr
Catch me later on that night like what you there
Said she learned a lesson, she just want another term
Baby girl you artifacts
You could never get the old me back
This game done changed me to a maniac
It's necessary to survive, that's how I thrive
My Ferrari look like it fly, I'm driving high
Making bitches french kiss the sky, I never lie
True grind outshine bullshit in due time
Catch me off in SoHo (yeah)
Lost my mind in the Bape store
I couldn't find too much camo
Rap hustling treat the booth like it's a bando
Drugs all out the oven, more shit coming they always want it
I got so much I front it to my loved ones, it's nothing
Pay me, after you double it fool get your money from it
Desert stone, hummer, bumpin' Three 6 Mafia, who run it
I've done it forreal, niggas who wanna see me with it
High on the television, fool you could tell I'm chilling
Even when the heat is on I'm cooling in the kitchen
Smoking killer with the killers
Balling with the ballers
Just a typical day in New Orleans
I hear that money calling
Just left the night show, [?] with the spoiler
Homie smoking [?]
Dressed like a mechanic, but them diamonds on me money dancing
Killing these beats [?]
Audio dope boy magic, turning loose sleep to paper stacks, bitch
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