Curren$y - In My City (ft. T.Y.) [paroles]

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Curren$y - In My City (ft. T.Y.)

Paroles: In My City

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
They plotting on my demise because of what I drive
Figure my Rolls would look better with bullet holes on the side
All my life on mines represent with pride
Keep the E in it
Chevy zone switches nigga we smoking weed in it
Killers burning killa
Just a couple paid niggas
Tryna get richer what you thought
[?] car
Break that off
Take your lost
You was sleeping on a huffie so we took it all from you

[Chorus: Curren$y]
I been going hard for my city
Catch me whipping them foreign cars in my city
Smoking extra large in my city
Dope like a coke barge it was written

[Verse 2: TY]
Fuck all you niggas I got this money on my mind
Out of line we separating your head from your spine
Crunch time I'm going between the legs from the line (got em')
Twisted out my mind cause I'm twisted on this pine
Niggas only in your face when they see you shine
But my light too bright so they only getting blind
Groupie bitches stay choosing they numbers
I'm steady losing they really for that confusion
Hoe this that jet life
If you don't like the smoke then you gotta take a hike
Crept on him real slow then I brightened up his night
Middle fingers to the laws I'm the youngest who in charge
They was sleeping on the hustle so we took it all off
Nigga, yeah