Paroles: Nothin Less

[Intro: Curren$y]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
La, la, la, la, yeah, la, la, la, la, la, yeah
Right here this is (Statik Selektah) Statik Selektah
Andretti, Scribble Scratch Records
Showoff, La, la, la, la, uh

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Rolls Royce doors, Italian marble floors
White diamonds and rose gold
Beneath my purple label robe as the day unfolds
Them other siders gotta pay the toll
No passes being granted, only iron being brandished
How are the sharks doing damage?
They'd rather film you dying on iPhone camera
Then call an ambulance to grab you
Views and likes is all that matter
That shit don’t add up to cash
But them squares will never understand us
I don't need 'em with us in a battle
They’re dead weight, they only slow us up
That shit will get us tucked
I'd rather have mimosas
Shrimp and grits, window by the ocean and lunch
Cigar cutters at the table but we don't smoke blunts
Shut your mouth, youngster, act like you been somewhere for once
Coasters underneath our cups
Mahogany coffee tables, we rolling up, now who dope as us?
Analyze that shit again and see that they ain't close to us
Lit up in the same spot, but didn't smoke with us
We was separated by the velvet ropes and such
Only for the city's realest do they open up
Get your arm broken try approaching us

[Chorus: Curren$y & YBN Cordae]
Never nothin' less, what?
Rolling up that pressure
Testarossa, comin' in with nothing lesser
Never nothing less
La, la, la, la

[Verse 2: YBN Cordae]
Uh, I feel the pressure collapsin’, no question what happens
If I ever quit rapping, know it never was passion
Lead by all my vices, struggled to live it righteous
Club hoppin’, going shopping, never asked the prices
Riding Range Rovers, all my brothers remain closer
Reminisce over struggles, I know that the pain's over
Sit on Balmain sofas with Gucci Gang loafers
Come with a lot of stress and turn into a chain smoker
Everything got its ups and downs, life is so profound
Keep my loved ones close around
’Cause I was down bad, transactions and paper brown bags
Driving 'round my old town sad
Questioning things, obstacles on the quest to my dreams
Having copped a new chain, I'm investing in bling
Money in my blood stream, I'm infected with cream
Cash rules everything, y’all just checking the scheme
'Cause like that

[Chorus: Curren$y]
Never nothin' less, la, la, la, la (Yeah, yeah)
Never nothin', Never nothin'
Never nothin' less
Nothin' less, nothin' less (No)
Never nothin' less
Rolling up that pressure
Testarossa, comin' in with nothing lesser
La, la, la, la
Nothin' less, nothin' less
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