Curren$y - Rolling Stoned [paroles]

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Curren$y - Rolling Stoned

Paroles: Rolling Stoned

[Verse 1]
Slid out the 'Lac like the Mack
Looking like money smelling like the pack
Yeah the weed loud like I plugged it up to a amp
I light it in the [?] and ain't hard to see where I'm at
OG in my [?] marinated in some wax
Rolling stoned, Rolls Royce alone, [?] stack
Money for a rainy day, and money for a sunny one
Cuz suckas can't be playin' and that's when you gotta stunt on 'em
Just a reminder who was really grindin'
Who was whinin' to your partners while I got out there and got it

Sidelined and you watchin', like you're injured
The only thing that hurtin' is your pockets my nigga, shit