Curren$y - Somebody's Watching Me [Lyrics/Paroles]

Curren$y - Somebody's Watching Me

Somebody's Watching Me Lyrics / Paroles

Canal Street Confidential in stores
Big as a motherfucker
I ain't hatin if you say you ain't seen this
Came through [?] with the rain boots
Bitches I screw, it's obvious what they gon' do
Choose up before you lose up, who's up?
Us nigga, old money stackin' new bucks
Parked outside, sparking in the ride
Conference call, mobile office I drive
[?] simulate at night
Constolations high class transportation
High as fuck, livin' out my dreams
Whole day spent puttin' 13 inches to the pavement
My '68 bout to be painted and I'm waiting
My Compton homies hookin' it up for me and I'm anxious
Patient but good things come to those
Rolled up a few while I'm listening to The Doors
Niggas talk down on me like [?]
Show 'em some shit they ain't never seen before
Now she don't answer your calls no more
I strap dynamite to all my bros, we all gon' blow
More money air Jordans, bugs bunny on a sunny Sunday
Coming down the one way
[?] in the passanger wanted to come with me, so I took her
Spoke like a scholar, she fucked like a hooker
She could've been a model, so good looking
She just needed guidance, that's what I provided
Knowledge is power and dollars
Bad bitches talkin' dirty after champagne showers
I made 30 thousand in two hours
I left with all the hoes, popped hella free bottles
[?] like fuckin' right
You should've been with us last night so you could see how it all went down
Fuck it though, we could do it all again right now
Climb on top my money pile up, find me in the clouds, plotting
Watching dodgin', sucker motherfuckers who be after our deposits
Me and my stretch we would never be divided
I stay on my grind shit like I'm super glued to it, forever true
You're not from over here so don't be coming through
A nigga jumping off the Porsche like boy who is you
This is it, New Orleans in this bitch
Balling like Pelicans Jazz and Hornets in this bitch
Canal Street low ride [?] hit the switch
Til the day I go air hearing to the cold
Just enjoy the sticky shit that I roll
Look through you motherfuckers with my eyes closed
Cause I always feel like
Niggas be tryna sound like
Stall like
But that shit never come out right

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