Curren$y - Top down [Lyrics/Paroles]

Curren$y - Top down

Top down Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
Uh, sent ya girl a post of it, she was smokin' on my new shit
Look like she ain't had no clothes on
Then I said, "Let me check my phone"
Ooh, girl, you know you wrong
She was naked in my direct message
Lips were sexy, I can not contest it
I got a show in town, baby girl, you on my guest list
It goes down in the DM, like, you gotta send it
I got a paper fetish, baby girl, my wallets stretchin'
I got some 'Rari fever, broke niggas'll never catch it
I got a Goyard bag in my bitch Lexus
I told her not to catch it, I send my homies to get it
Seven back-to-back Corvettes when Jess is on the set
Her shit is soakin' wet, it's makin' fuckin' sound effects
And we ain't even in the crib, yeah, I'm tryin' to roll up
She blowin' like a sobriety test
Dropped the album, I picked up a check
I'm wonderin' what I'm a buy next
Gainin' momentum, haters payin' attention
But I ain't trippin', watch my next step

Shit, I had my top down, let 'em see in
Top down, let 'em see in
Shit, I put my top down, let you see in
Top down, let you see in, shit

[Verse 2]
Girl, I ain't got no Snapchat, just pull up over here and give me that
Nice dress, come up out it
You was talkin' it, now show me that you 'bout it
I ain't talkin' 'bout no internet nonsense
She subtweetin' ever since she got it
Now she sayin' she can't live without it
Her boyfriend houndin', tried to unlock her phone
She walked in, caught him in condom
He sent apology messages and she scream
Shorty, it goes down, I roll up
I drive them low-riders through the town
Seven Cadillacs sittin' in front of the Jet Lounge
Where the cash at? That's what your dog found
Rosé champagne, yellow Rollie crowns
Hold them glasses up for the ones who stayed down
Celebrate because we all paid now, you know it goes down

I had my top down, let you see in
Top down, let you see in
Yeah, I put my top down, let you see in
Put my op down, let you see in

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