Curtis Williams - Danco [paroles]

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Curtis Williams - Danco

Paroles: Danco

[Verse 1: Curtis Williams]
Who them young niggas blowing loud in the Dutch all Raw no Swishers
I'm just trying to make a lot of money bring it home split it up with my niggas
Been told you box logos no v-necks keep it G till a young nigga finished
Know these boys see your nigga winning they don't wanna see this young nigga with it
Got a check and put them crosses on my denim
[???] like Jimmy's I be swimming in the woman
Brand new Bape and I wore it for the bitches
Went and made a lot bitch I'm still trying to get it
Said I wanted a [???] label what I got
Roll it and I smoke it if I want it then I cop
Guess that's how you living when you start living
The way a nigga stunting hurt a nigga's feelings

[Verse 2: Danny Seth]
I ain't drop a verse unless I'm finna get paid or I'm fucking with my brothers
(on the real)
Then i told my brother curtis imma have the beat wrapped up like a cover
Fuck you talking bout if it ain't me
This is Danny Seth, I ain't Danny Glover (Danny Seth motherfucker)
And the clothes I'm rocking so fucking rare just to find them man think you need a compass
My hand up in your girl like she's a puppet
And I'm repping london city like a motherfucking crumpet
Always blowing on the loud so man I'm feeling like a trumpet
And if you hear the *skrr skrr* then that means I'm fucking coming
I ain't fuck with police cause I'm never ever cuffing
Put the dick inside her mouth it touch her tummy
Nike boy the way I fucking run it
Two-9 thats my family like cousins

So much Bape on me like a dark skin Nigo
Pockets on fat jeans looking like casino
All my real niggas keep a gun by the peep hole
Don't point a gun at my people
If you got a problem we can solve it calculator
My niggas keep machine guns careless no Slater
I'm going hard for my paper
If you intervene in between see you later

[Verse 3: Jid]
My plug got the 9 with a beam in the drum
My nigga could see the beam on the sun
Bitch i had a dream and i wrote in my blunt
Woke up and got to the money like where the fuck is the money
Say my name I appear like that tall black nigga with bees
Couple reds and blues, like Jigga with Bey
Nah nigga I see shots delivered at me
I chill, I sick, kill
I dog so i sit

So much Bape on me like a dark skin Nigo
Pockets on fat jeans looking like casino
All my real niggas keep a gun by the peep hole (gun by the peep hole)

[Verse 4:Lightskinmac11]
It's the Light Skin Mac-11
I was dead broke with no daddy present
Had me feeling like Pac with that Smith and Wesson
Can't a nigga tell me nothing bout no fucking pressure
Now I'm looking like Biggie in his black Jeep
Codeine got me moving at a slow speed
Pull up to my shows name in the Marquee
I'm in the back seat counting up currency
And my last bitch is white she don't fuck with me
I'm a giant on the building know you fucking see
Master mind got me feeling like Mawasaki
Ruff-Ryder do a wheelie on the Kawasaki