CyHi The Prynce - Mandela [paroles]

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CyHi The Prynce - Mandela

Paroles: Mandela

I'm a freedom fighter, darling I'm from the win supply

I'm new homie to the rap game

That's my last name, my first would be the …

And I need to quite, freak a flightier

Call me dollar, Jesus piece, I'm the one the real Jesus admire

Cuz I try to get nigga the leads street

And no need to be cuz I can easily speak to this

Nigga to this frequency to compete with me

You beneath the price …give a hell of the speech

I keep hitting right on underneath the sea

I pulled up for the police and see …I got the fully got in pieces

I say every day try to make you all peacefully

So right with the ride for other in the Bible

Call my niggas on Paris I will climb at the Eifel

We don't give a fuck cuz it's all about a Bible when you call up on some …

When you feel like you was tighter to

What you'll getting in your tears, you know that I'm the best but I swear that I denied you

Cuz I'm better then another ..when I'm rocking the provider

But soon I'll be the king, fuck you and your team


You feel like the way I want I …

Let ém up the first room and …

I'm daze fuck, two-two

Mix to the zoo make the zoom and lose

I'm the leader of the new school

Man I swear if I'm feeling like
Mandela Nelson, Mandela Nelson, Mandela Nelson, Mandela Nelson,

Nelson Mandela, Nelson Mandela,

Nelson Mandela, Nelson Mandela,

Get to know you assist you

Can't tell me you ain't jealous of a seven grand selling

You was something ‘bout marry

Nigga I was Ben Stiller

Fence, females all away from make …

Can't tell her shit if you ain't never spend time try to sell

Just to get the car with the truck in the front

Sawnty that's the yeller fane

Nigga will halo sense, spend such ylle ..

Every since I've been an original man

Nigga's been a second …but let ém be

While I start a revolution see like when you work

Never get your retribution

Niggas in the …but it can't sound with me

Sound like tucu-tucu-tucu when I'm shutting

The same one that was suit me, he will knew it

Press to a king you don't see the evolution

20 years in the bent man I stump the execution

So I core never stud it

Stay school, play cool and play the rules

Pay your dues, make your moves, take it too one

Got some rest, take a clue it was me that was three point

Try to get forty

Round with the forty inch in the the two door

Feel like lorries, take in the front

What the forties taken from the move

Mandela Nelson, Mandela Nelson, Mandela Nelson, Mandela Nelson,

All the niggas wanna kill

Nelson Mandela, Nelson Mandela,

Nelson Mandela, Nelson Mandela,