Czarface - The Great [Lyrics/Paroles]

Czarface - The Great

The Great Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]

They say the first blow stuns you

The second one, that's the KO

My knuckles 'bout to hurt, going in

[Verse 1: Inspectah Deck]

Y'all don't want it with Deck

You know anything I drop will never fall short of respect

Y'all the type that they sorta respect

I'm a war vet

Off with your head once they forward the check

Yup, the cream keep calling me back

Never falling to trap

I flee the scene with your broad in my lap

And I ain't worried 'bout half of the chat

Haters talk 'til you see 'em

That's when they try >??<

Keep a wise mind writing his act

Don't even try to react

Tony Stewart how I'm riding the track

Even if you don't vibe to my rap

I still be on your dome like a snapback: fastened your straps

The rebel how they said I act, no lie

Like I work for Home Pride all the bread I stack

Call the jet to a west-side flat to relax

Left with the stewardess on the red-eye back

[Hook: Reef the Lost Cauze]

See I'm straight, y'all got it twisted

I'm great, y'all not as gifted

See I'm straight, y'all got it twisted

I'm great, y'all not as gifted

[Verse 2: Esoteric]

Beside man, relax

Stand up, straighten your back out

Realizing, man

He made some good fertilizer, fam

It's what I said as I tied his hands and feet to a post on a random street

Then I chop his little body up into sandwich meat

I'm flying handsome version of Brian Cranston

Holding a cop for ransom

Open up my demands and clean it out

But keep every bit of the finer ransom

And make some giant bands that want this wild anthem

A phantom pteranodon

Quick, turn the cameras on

Get a pic with him or the dying rapper he's landing on

As he turns the ghost cannon on

Says he bought it on Amazon

Now tell me what the fuck are you planning on? (Nothing)

Damn, he strong, can't be wrong

Air heads out like the candy's gone

It's CZARFACE, back to attack your heart again

Destroy your ass like Drax from the Guardians

CZARFACE is here, we got you


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