Da Mafia 6ix - Break the Law [paroles]

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Da Mafia 6ix - Break the Law

Paroles: Break the Law


Break Da Law
Break Da Law
Break Da Law
Break Da Law

Brother, if you wanna
It ain't nothing
I'll pull my gunner
I start to hunt 'em
That's all my things,
I wanted dollar
I'll get you drained
Blow the whole thing
Your death is coming
I told them like I had it
But, like normal, bitch, I start it
Break the law, 94, 95
9-20, 13, and I'm still on the lines
Still they seeing nothing like me
Making mills and double digits
Bitches bad on me cause the
Niggers ain't get it

A lot of niggas slipping in the dark
Glock for the bad
Glock for the God
For the (???) in the
I put this nigga body parts in the trunk
Playn with a bomb, but I hit 'em with the bang
Cut you in the whole, thought you knew that charm
Hit 'em like I hit everything in my mind


I don't need to act like a psychopathic lunatic
Fuck all that ruckus system cause I be so good and shit
Everytime I think about my brother Eric I get sick
Cause he's doin' a whole lot time in jail cause he didn't want a bitch
Got my mess of (???) I roll up in the Rover
Smoking, dringing cause I'm prom doing this shit on my own
I ain't saying shit, if you want some info I ain't the bitch
I'mma break the law because to me the system ain't shit


One more time, you hate my fam?
You gonna die, I ain't tell you, man
I can't sense this (???)
You gon'make it home, I know
D R E A Fame, many hoes down this, I'mma get payed
Loved my school, get away
Ever since a kid I had crazy Jays

All my classy millie ill killa
Sensible niggas, my monster Unick from Oklahoma
Call this game my man Osama
Open up your chest and I snatch up your belongs
If a nigga get wrong, then a nigga catching honk
Cause you're not a nigga chump, peer the barrel of my gun
Your face is cold, my body's on the lunch
Cut the skin off your face and stick it to my palm
Nigga jumping like sideways, hit with my palm