Danny Brown - Side B (Dope Song) [paroles]

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Danny Brown - Side B (Dope Song)

Paroles: Side B (Dope Song)

[Verse 1]
31 years old so I done been through all that dizzirt
Came up off the porch, straight serving off the cizzurb
Long time ago, I don't do that shit no more
This the last time I'mma tell you, wanna hear it? (Here it goes!)
It was me and Baby James, with an ounce to our name
Rolling up two at a time, same clothes from yesterday
Had a smoke around a custo, paid his ass a stone
When the narcs came and raided hid on the roof and smoked bong
Fuck with rat bitches, head from them hunnies
Lost a sack but I got back, cause the dice game was hitting
It was me and Carbo, breaking day in the lobby
Nigga popping NoDoz, selling rocks as a hobby
Bankroll in my pocket, so everybody know me
Went home and gave my momma three hundred for some groceries
We hit the mall and ball, hit the club and spend it all
Now I'm back to Square A with them squares to get off

Dope Song
Dope Song
Dope Song
(My last)

[Verse 2]
Crackhead Lisa, she used to be thick
Had sex with a trick, and now she sick
She offer you some head, if you give her some drugs
Just make sure you when you hit it (You better wear a glove)
I'm sick of all these niggas with their ten year old stories
You ain't doing that no more, nigga lying to the shorty
So take this as a diss song, cause this is my last song
Not my last dope song, but my last dope song