Danny Brown - Sway In The Morning (Freestyle) [paroles]

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Danny Brown - Sway In The Morning (Freestyle)

Paroles: Sway In The Morning

Codeine in my cereal always with the smokie
I’m sort of like a miracle these rappers are venereal
And never am I stereo I spray your a*s with Vinegar
The next time I see you, bro, bitch your ass still won’t be tight
The size of my d*ck, nigga, every pus*y tight
I write all night till the sun come up
Dodging texts from your sister trying to lick on my nuts
Cobra clutch the game put that b*tch into submission
Yo bitch want the stick shift no transmission
Dog I’m on a mission you’re playing exhibition
On the expedition popping x but never tripping
Chilling with a vixen trying to stick my d*ck in
Red headed ho like a young Kathy Griffin

Smoke so many blunts I can hear my lungs whistling
Still rolling up house smelling like chicken
Rap Martin Lawrence all these other rappers boring
Bruiser make 2 Live Crew look like some mormons
Nigga, my esse hard like I like doing essay
Gangbanging on the yard with a homie machete
Been nice since cassette tapes stay smoking [...]
Popped a couple pills eyes glowing like [...]
Use to stash cracks in the seam of my [...]
Detroit nigga but I’m smoking on LA