Danny Brown - Sweeny Song [Lyrics/Paroles]

Danny Brown - Sweeny Song

Sweeny Song Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
Nine out of ten of these rap niggas is Play-Doh®
I saw "go", niggas'll spray your whip like Mako®
Ya got that yayo for the low, you'd swear that Kanye was here
The way they say "where did 'Ye go?"
My flow strong like it's on that Shake 'N Sako
I don't eat rappers, I box them up like take-home
Get straight dome from a bi bitch
I don't know her name, but told her girlfriend to switch
And the lyrics coalesce, I'll rip the labyrinths
Hazardous material that's oh so immaculate
Accurate position, when I spit this shit, it's calculus
Hard, nigga...
And that was bars, nigga...

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