Darnell Williams - South Central [paroles]

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Darnell Williams - South Central

Paroles: South Central

Still livin' in South Central
Scrapin' up change for the Timba'
Hit the weed man for the Endo
Said five minutes, nigga 10-4
Things used to be so simple
All this weight got me walkin' wit' a limp, yo
Yeah the world still fucking my tempo
Got vile shit comin' at my dental

Seen 24 hoes on Western
Know their feet gotta hurt, God bless 'em
Round here nigga ain't no restin'
Even granny gotta pack a weapon
Look out for all my brethren
Nigga fuck you and your reverend
See the Lord gave me all my blessings
And I ain't never had to pass collections

Dem niggas on my block be bangin'
Fiends high off the shit they slangin'
Wearin' red to the store is dangerous
Hashtag turned a dead nigga famous
Don't cross turf where it's painted
Add a K, it's a war or some gang shit
Hundred days, hundred nights, I done seen it
Niggas shootin' out the window of a Crown Vic

Man, fuck this shit dawg