Da$H - Seymour [paroles]

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Da$H - Seymour

Paroles: Seymour

Yeah, So
RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman

[Verse 1]
Sinister as giving Manson literature to the children
Thoughts of a youthful villain, windows is floor to ceiling
Feeling like Patrick Bateman off that medication
Only baring my patience cause I'm knowing Hell is waiting
Still a shit talking, blunt sparking
Henny bottle to the face type nigga
Take yo' mama on a date type nigga
Half a pint, I mean an eight my nigga
Straight act bitch, I'm too throwed to react, shit
The black Jaques Mesrine, Xannies and the cess green
Load up like a motherfucking chess team, you know heem
It's Dolla hoe, bitches blowing jarda off the Ivory Coast
Having dinner on lobster boat
I spit the shit to give Barack a poke
Give a cop a choke
Bumping Flocka in the chopper smoke, pussy

Light the dope, light the
Light the dope nigga, light the

[Verse 2]
Light the dope, no hope for the weak
Four O's in the cream with four hoes in the jeep
Two cups cause its only for me, you know
Came up off of one too many Narcos and parked yo' shit
Dolla Darko, backwood full of ARCO
Opiates flowing, I hope my heart go
Still jumping niggas after rap shows
Still rob a nigga if the cash low
Same nigga sleeping back of class, yo
Miseducation getting bad though
The government is like the fucking muppets
Obama just another fucking puppet
You know it and you motherfuckers love it
But ain't shit change unless you do it, nigga

I'm fucked up
Lemme hear that
Still hit a lick just if the cash low
Yeah, So