Paroles: Funk Flex Freestyle

Ooh, baby
This that 1988 crack flow Flex, uh Harlem

I used to take the Peter Pan out of town
No time to waste, I heard the need some grams out of town
Ain't gotta look for no connect, my man got it now
Pull up in a new addition, I'm higher than Bobby Brown
Every little step I take that's my prerogative
Baby we trappin' just to stress that cake
Niggas'll run up in ya' livin' room address that place
You think I'm campaingnin' for president this Tec just wave
I got, pain I can never feel, visions of that fisca
Young god fish her, on point like raw stickler
Feelin' Puerto-Rican eatin' Bacalaít
Pussy like a bowlin' pin, I'm just tryin' to knock it down
Gun boys on gotta tuck it while we run around
Silencer's on it, it get to stormin' that's without a sound
Sour louder than the shots, powder on the table for the sniffers
I don't fuck with these niggas, I never owned the clippers
This life for me to swim in that water, I know the fishes
Aggravated feelin' like Tony washin' them dishes
Mack his trench coat in the trenches, I played the benches
Uh, I spray the witness
If that's the one you lovin' my nigga don't let it-uh
If that's the one you lovin' my nigga don't let it do it
Get into it, East side in the Buick
I spit nice like fluid
You know that chopper go, that chopper go oochie-bang-bang
Like A$AP Ferg pops, I'm with my same gang
Straight out the projects foreigns just change lanes
Bag up this work and sell it, stack it and maintain
Esco said it's my season
Killed the tri-state they let me in I'm not leavin'
You might've brought your gun but if it pop you not squeezin'
God bless the whip, it's lookin' like the drop sneezin'
Hell of a talent you couldn't pay for this, nobody can teach it
I wasn't supposed to make it to 21
Still havin' dreams of me strapped with a bomb step in the precinct
In a pair of Jordan 7s the penny ones, I'm really dumb
Jungle told me I got it, I spit toxic
Got a young bitch in the projects but my older bitch exotic
My license been suspended but her car she let me drive it
When I was broke I seen somethin' I wanted she would buy it
That's a down chick, Christian Louboutins with the brown stitch
Bottoms lookin' like she was double dutchin' in blood
My pops never wanted me bundled up hustlin' with thugs
But I had to get the Jordans I'm out here poppin' these drugs
Dave East, man
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