Dave East - Glory (Freestyle) [paroles]

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Dave East - Glory (Freestyle)

Paroles: Glory (Freestyle)

Ah Man, Ah Man They let the wrong nigga in this time

I know you see him, I go to Audebar when I'm re-ing
Sour got me looking korean with european, stretch lex niggas be vex im with their bm (hey ma), death threats sending me text never believe him (never), im sipping zinfadel in the trump of the four seasons, my city wide open thats given me more reason (wide open) flipped a couple bags hit snags we all creepin me and my cougar bitch on 5th ave all weekend, im coppin, im really more concerned about the get back you window shopping talking bout imma come back and get that im just here to apply pressure and thats a fiii---act, my man down clinton maxes way do his biiddddaa, what you know about watching the dog sniff the stash out you didn't even know they had the drop on your stash house judge throwing numbers you hear him you prob pass out (Oh my God) wishing you was at the casino about to cash out, I got plans thats much bigger than Harlem if ain't no blood getting spilled I dont consider it problems (it ain't no problem), even tho we much younger I would listen to charlie he was in the bikes took flicks with bitches on Harleys, Im on the east sipping liqour and harleys, my body smelling like buglari rocking cinnamon nauties thats the logo with the boat gave ralph lauren a break i ain't caught a case in two years so life is great, hit ruth chris twice a week i like the steak, she ain't have no ass but i hit it i liked her face i know exactly whats wrong with you before i die i gotta star in a porn or two, cop the porshe royal blue its a cayenne, bagging up extra flow pepper like cayenne i started off a nas fan now we talk life talk music talk street shit he said he out the hood but in his heart is where he keep it, im still in the jungle can't let lion's catch me sleeping, i know a couple apes that pop bananas and theyre squeezing this 4 56 can pay the rent and break a nigga heart critics trynna pick a aprt but im just trynna ditch the narcs i got caught with a quarter of sour my man hustle slowed up he watched his daughter for hours im a good fella im feeling like paulie with power couple bitches in the condo fit them all in the shower burgundy leather seats looking like blood dont let these rap niggas fool you they just looking like thugs, ya bitch said i get her high i must be looking like drugs, use to eyeball the kush sales that look like a dub wtffffff