Dave East - KD [Lyrics/Paroles]

Dave East - KD

KD Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by Rico Suave]

[Verse 1]

Beg your pardon, I ain't at the garden

I'm a Harlem nigga, I'm at Dyckman

My favorite shooter had to switch states, tryna stay low from inditements

I been the same nigga since diapers

Same nigga with no license

Same nigga caught the train nigga

Nw I'm gettin brain from your wifey

You need a pass just to come 'round

I need that Rolly [?] down

Tryna chill cause it's Ramadan but I kill these niggas when that sun down

I ain't cooling less gun round

You can lose your life over one pound

Take my time in the trap stressing

I'm baggin up in a rush now

Fuck what you thought, this not L.A

So we ain't driving by, we gon' pull up and park

Catch you at the light, make it get dark

In the night when bitches taking it off

I'm just tryna get my cake up, my bitch bad with no makeup

Gunning for ya, got a hungry lawyer

Go up in the court and shoot a case up

Bully probably pull a [?] up, I been thinking bout that ghost shit

I'm retarded when it comes to cops, on my momma I don't know shit

On my momma I done sold nicks

Not a liar, never sold bricks

If they raid the crib nigga, don't snitch

Everybody get it, I got no picks

[Hook] (x2)

Trey pounds, that's a KD

Pray to God they don't take me

Rolex or a A.P

226 with no safety

Get some work, hit the road

We was hustling in the Cove

Feel it when it hit your nose

Waking up with different hoes

[Verse 2]

Trey pound, that's a KD

I ain't showing up if they don't pay me

Been nice since [?], these bitches on to me lately

Telling me that I look good, telling me that I smell nice

This why I sell sour D, still on my moms for that bail price

Play ball and I played the trap

I can tell you what them scales like

Had a celly with a bunk bed, I can tell you what them jails like

Cop shit before we hit the streets, you still waiting for that sell price

Stepped on and get dismissed

We like big fish, talking whale type

45 that's a come back, east river where they dump that

Bed breakfast on Linox Ave

Got a flight to Vegas, where lunch at

My youngin got it, he can pump that

My homie hit it, I don't want that

Hate a bitch that never got here own

Always asking niggas where the blunts at

33 that's a Scot Pip

Foreign bitch up in the drop six

Thinking when I couldn't cop shit

I would trap in Queens, Fetty Wap shit

Rockstar need a moshpit

Live a thug life on some Pac shit

Fly nigga need a cockpit

You ain't fucking with me, you can watch this


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