David Banner - Amazing [Lyrics/Paroles]

David Banner - Amazing

Amazing Lyrics / Paroles

Are we going ham, are we going crazy?
Are we going hard, hard enough to have a baby?
They go out, they tell me I’m amazing
They go out, they tell me I’m amazing!
She said she’s heading my way (pronto)
Come up to the… (condo)

Come to night, stay until the morning (alonzo)
Said she try to conquer, I assist (ronod)
Here to do the bedroom love (follow)
She like a wild rapper, no stitch (swallow)
She told me I’m the best and I responded (yeah, I know!)
So what a…i see in the eye a little fear (madam)
Pop up in my… back seat…
It only happens for a few small few (go random)
Let me shoot you in your…


Hey lil momma, what you freak some
You and your girl been together that’s a three some
You are my sex slave, don’t want your freedom


Come over here, baby
Hop up in my sweet front seat Mercedes
I know that you had a couple drinks..
Since you’re feeling good, let me make it!
Better than the ..what you think later?
You could meet at my hotel suit naked
Diva’s like (no), I’m like (shh), you better take it!
So used to some damn regular,
She don’t understand a man till she stops ahead of her.
Yeah, I could … the dust some more…
Yeah, she’s seeing life like a cinema
I ask her what she all about me, foe
Cause we go!


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