David Banner - Evil Knievil [paroles]

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David Banner - Evil Knievil

Paroles: Evil Knievil

They gave us Obama like
It was gonna stop the fight
Like it was gonna stop the cause
Folks still scraping
Trying to find them some socks and drawers
And something to eat
The IRS is coming so I'm back on these beats
Barack pushed hope
Reagan pushed dope
Clinton pushed something down a young gal's throat
Yah, and since we talking about throats
White folks, what you know about ropes?
Yah, what you know about trees
And men swinging from them that look like me?
How you say that don't affect us?
Tuskegee, how you let them infect us?
It's fear of the black semen
Putting sage on a page to eradicate these demons
This for Tulsa, Oklahoma, this for Rosewood
This for Philly when the cops bombed the whole hood
This for Harlem when the pigs stop and frisk
All my folks from the Congo tell Belgium suck a, suck a
Boy wonder? Nope, meant Dick Grayson
I'm essential like the Moors were to the Masons
The kush (AFRICA), the black push
Aborigines I love you, take back the bush
Oh, we are back on presidents
George was so irrelevant
But he did send the country to hell
And a lot of black folks to jail
If we are blind, that's fine, I'll spit it in braille
Drop an F-bomb in cursive, put that whore in the mail
P.O.s (POST OFFICES) they are about to shut down
I was on my way to heaven then I stopped and turned around
The government, yes, it did shut down
I was on my way to heaven but I stopped and turned around for my people
I'll try to never leave you
This is a war against evil

[Outro: Ernestine Johnson]
Lifetime of pain
You can't wash away these stains
You can't soak me in a tub full of bleach
And brighten the shadows you left on my past
Or whiten those dark stones you placed on my path
Where is the love?
Mentally institutionalized by a nation plotting our demise
Sicknesses is created for our numbers to be cut
Love is like you're staring at us with your eyes wide shut
Love? What love? Where are you?