Dead Prez - GHN Global Hood News [paroles]

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Dead Prez - GHN Global Hood News

Paroles: GHN Global Hood News

This is Ime Oli reporting for the Information Age, Global Hood News Report
In the Global Hood News today
Global pandemic has the world health organization and US government work hand in hand,
To white the vitamins and natural medicines essential
To prevent to their healthcare off the shelves

About the critical importance of vitamin D
Discipline, the OGs and elders like Matula Shakur say it is a question of population control
And the people must wager struggle for truth and reconciliation
Next up, if you haven’t seen the fires, well you’ve probly smelled the smoke
Resistance in form in forms of riots and police clashes in cities around the world
90 Cs way informer is reporting live from Philadelphia

Well, Ime Helu, the situation is tense to say the least in front of City Hall right now
Many organizations have valued membership and are out in numbers chanting and raising banners plackets which read a laundry list of grievances
For instance, one read “foreclosure = war on poor people”
Another read “schools are jails, stop locking up the youth”
And lastly “Mayor McNutter is a buster”
Oh that read “puppet”