Dead Prez - The Awakening (Ft. Umar Bin Hassan)

The Awakening Lyrics / Paroles

Like an epiphany
Moment of clarity
I was blind before
But now my eyes can see
I know my destiny
I’m open mentally
My spirit is ready
For the awakening
The awakening

Empty your mind of all thoughts
Let your heart be at peace

A courageous walk down the Mississippi road
We live in the blues of the delta
A good morning to your neighbor, a good night to your dreams
We are the song of survival
A living song without lyrics or words
A kind gesture, a wink of the eye
A loving touch upon a child’s head
A strong warm hug to keep away the doubt
Grandmas, grandma’s hands upon your face
The wiping of the wavered tears
Holding back the fizz
And between in-between the shoe shines and the dish washing
And between in-between the GD’s and PhD’s
And between in-between the owl housers and crack houses
We, we create waves to live and love
We live on the move
Move, moving, moving forward through the bling bling
The prison captain, the clothes castors and the hoes and bitches and the alcohol and Jesus all on the same corner
We are the one and true living God
All around us is life
Our humanity, our humanity is the essence of life
Our blood, our blood nurtures the soul
Our humiliation and pain gives an expression
Our ignorance gives vision
To what’s like living contradictions, living pillar doctors
Living phenomenons, living just for the city
For a smile, for a touch
For hip-hop, for the glory of our ancestors
And the blessings of our guides

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