Demarco - Love Me [paroles]

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Demarco - Love Me

Paroles: Love Me


Seh just love me baby girl

Forever and ever and ever

And I need you in my world forever
I don't wanna see you cry no more my love

Cause your the one I really love

Seh just love me baby girl forever
(Verse 1)

Ma girl gimmi a little bit a this

And a little bit a that

And when you have it up you get bay comfort

Yea shi ma baby. shi ma baby

Shi ma baby

Shi go out and a live for me

Do anything for me

She'll be there when things look slim for me

She ma baby, she ma baby
All when wi fuss and fight it ain't nothing

Cause later tonight wi a go end up in a supn

Break up to make up, cyaa change nothing

The whole a them soon find out
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)

My girl mi love how shi a itch paw mi

You never switch paw mi

MI never si you wid no brrom a turn witch paw mi

Wi have history, shi blow a kiss to mi

Mi meck mi baby know how much shi is to mi

So buss a wine fi mi

Do it on time fi mi

Them waan wi break up, a that them dying fi si

Them waan fi si you rome the streets and no have no time fi mi

But everyday mi si yo loving just a climb fi mi

Yea I cant do without this beautiful lady

And I have being thinking about you lately

I would like for you to know how much I love to grow

So hugged me tight and baby don't let go
(Repeat Chorus)