Demarco - Move Unuh Self [paroles]

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Demarco - Move Unuh Self

Paroles: Move Unuh Self


A wah this man joke this

Dem no waan people reach no where in a life

So wah wi no fi eat lobster an dem thing deh to

Yaaah Bego, ghetto youth stop fight yo same people

The whole down thing unu no need to

Yeh the whole a Jamaica mi a speak to

(Verse 1)

Mi is a bwoy mi wi work fi mi paper

Caw mi no cruff mi no hold mangy dog

But nuff time mi go a mi bed hungry

Go pon mi knees an mi pray oh lord

Mi no know how mi life just a move so

Tired fi live up in a tenement yard

Soon as father God start work something fi yuh

The bwoy dem start fi draw card

Unu move unu

Dutty bad mine move unu

Mi no waan curse but mi a beg unu fi move unu

Hypocrite unu fi move unu
(Verse 2)

Mi spend enough time pon di earth

Fi si people treated people like dirt

Nuff obia dem gone go work

Then Sunday morning dem gone a church

Dem si a ghetto girl step up in a life

A class are as hoer seh shi lift up are skirt

But from yo know seh yo conscience free

A yuh dem cyaa kick up an girt
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Intro)
(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 2)