Demarco - Nice Nuh Bomboclaat [Lyrics/Paroles]

Demarco - Nice Nuh Bomboclaat

Nice Nuh Bomboclaat Lyrics / Paroles


Mi no john crow mi nice no bomboclaat

Mi no john crow mi nice no bomboclaat

Big tune a roll so mi voice to bomboclaat

Liquor wi no care bout price to bomboclaat

Da party yah up, up, up

Da party yah up, up, up

Da party yah up, up, up

Move to the bar billias meck wi start it up
(Verse 1)

Hey Crazy hold mi car keys

Mi si gyal a one drop

Mi si gyal pon her knees

Watch gyal a roll up like a tall sleeve

Every fat gyal we pass get dem batty jaw squeeze

Big up every dancer, sound man from far in

Cane chu wa, wi spar wid Japaneses

Hale up the peace office, big up the police

The tugs dem a drink and dem a smoke trees

Unuh better believe
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)

How dem gyal yah set so mi no Voicemail

But mi tell dem gyal yah let's go, let's go

In a mi 5 series a press up gyal

To the left side a mi bigger best cut

Dem seh yo weak to gyal

Well a so mi flesh go

If yo deh beside yo man girl send a text no

Watch every gyal a view mi like a expo

Fresh to death a every hot party weh mi dress go

Meck mi tell yo this hi no
(Repeat Chorus)

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