Deniro Farrar - Nostalgia

Nostalgia Lyrics / Paroles

I wish that I could turn back the hands of time

Tomorrow only knows what the future holds

Thanksgiving with the fam in my grannies crib

I'm on the floor while my pop watch the Superbowl

And my auntie the same

And my uncle's dad crackin jokes on my cousin for them tight ass plans

That was 1996 I'm in '95

Thinking bout them old days 'cuz I miss that shit

Now my fam fell apart now theres no more dinners

Used to be ? now we buisness models

Trading ? in for guns

And then use 'em for bottles

'Cuz I got my own kids and I'm back in tradition

I ain't into holidays so it ain't no Christmas

Things ain't the same I done lost my spirit

Birthdays come around and I can't even feel it

Was it a dream or was it a lie?

Say a prayer bow my head and wait on God's reply

And I wish I had wings swear to God I'd fly

Better talk to my aunt 'cuz shes always high

But who am I to judge 'cuz I used to smoke?

Bruh she fightin breast cancer man it ain't no joke

And it killed ? and he got them babies

Now their momma is all alone, who gone help them raise 'em?

Reminiscing 'bout them days when I played my Sega

Sonic The Hedgehog with the multiple players

Had the fresh fade with the part in the middle

Rockin' LA Gears, couldn't afford them J's

Stealin' from Sou Lee who had the ? truck

But Sou left feet man they stank like fuck

Playin tag in the street outside the woods

Fist fightin' over bikes that we stole from the hood

Turn back the hands of time man I wish I could

Was it a dream or was it a lie?

Say a prayer bow my head and wait on God's reply

They said I wouldn't be shit

Guess what? I made it

Daddy said he'd be back

Still feel like I'm waitin'

Momma beat us all the time she ain't got no patience

Just somethin' to think about before you hit your babies

And she prayed for better days and it drove her crazy

But gotta give it to her tried her best to raise me

? held it down she was just a baby who never had a childhood and I knowin' thats crazy

I'm buy a resturant when I make my millions

Shit, tears writin this and I know that you feel it

I ain't never tell momma I was touched by feelings

And I ain't never gotta say it 'cuz I know I'm the realest

Had a fallin out with Sosa I just want him to listen

Come to think about it, really wasn't that serious

Dedicated to ? because I love her so dearly

Was it a dream or was it a lie?

Say a prayer bow my head and wait on God's reply

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