Denzel Curry - Ice Age (feat. Mike Dece)

Ice Age Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook 1: Denzel Curry x2]

Told her it's an Ice Age

With a cold blooded nigga like me (I'm cold)

Tell that bitch I'm Rick James and a nigga really wanna super freak

[Hook 2: Denzel Curry x2]

I just wanna fuck

I just wanna smoke my blunt

I don't give a fuck about these bitches man

Cause they all want a nigga that stunt

[Verse 1: Denzel Curry]

Let me tell you niggas about the game

Only get the pussy, fuck a name

Bitches never really have a face unless she sucking on your dick

Putting jizz in the food chain

Blow up the pussy like Hussein

Bitch look at me crazy like who sane?

Got fire, designer, I got the lighter, igniter

As I'm burning the back of the Mary Jane

Anakin Skywalker flame

Lord Vader kush surrounding my brain

Forizzle ? homies with the shizzle my nizzle

Doper than nickels that sprinkle over the cane

Melissa is like my little thang

Most hoes, can't say the same

Piping the pussy and maybe biting the cookie

Honey love ain't shit but I just came

Jizz boss

Make her drink the cum sauce

Bring her ass to my world

But this might have her ass lost

Nowadays, pussy have a cost

Never let the devil in like Ross

Curry the killer, the nigga, call me Jizzila

Just keep it pimping, my nigga, so Jizzwalk

[Hook 1]

[Hook 2]

[Verse 2: Mike Dece]

Kush smoke all I see

Eyes open, all three

Got her wetter than some Hi-C

On my golden dick, I'm icy

I got your whore so horny

Bring me anything that I need

She's a long dick addict

Prostitute her cause she love me bitch

Bitch I'm in need of that paper

Iced up as fuck, fuck equators

Heat that shit up, it vapor

Icy, stay icy, I quake her

Such a whore I cannot chase her

She bring that shit back as I make her

She fuck with my dollars, I'm making her holler

I beat that bitch up, yes I blaze her

Cold blooded and blooded debaser

L-E-A-Ning, no chaser

Is needed, I skeet on her face or

I'm proper, I fuck her, see you later

You bitch, erase her

Getting that ho out of here

She's nothing, don't need her

Always keep my pistol right here

[Hook 1]

[Hook 2]

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