Denzel Curry - Zenith (ft. Joey Bada$$)

Zenith Lyrics / Paroles

Catch me, catch me [x6]

[Verse 1: Denzel Curry]
Catch me on the zenith, that's the only time you'll see 'em
Televised, paralyzed, thoughts are paraplegic
Sit yourself down, let us smoke up the ounce
Bounce till I'm leaking semen on your couch and then I'm out
Catch me on the zenith, from the Southern region
Federation is my motherfucking legion, we don't believe in
False prophets, fake gods and we never trust niggas
Two rules in my house, no shoes, no fuck niggas
Catch me on the zenith, fuck a TV screen, bitch, let it die
Look at your reflection, and ask "Who am I?"
I internally extinguish the evil so I look externally to a place I can see you and still
Catch me on the zenith, devastation several nations
Singing that my nation is the king, it's all praying on a better day
Bumping hay shit, fades away
Day by day, night by night, no I in no sight
Catch me on the zenith like I'm Hercules and Xena
Or Trick Daddy or Trina with the victims of Katrina
When the levees broke, there was never hope
Turn the TV off, I'm out the door
'Bout to make some dough, on a lighter note
Catch me on the zenith getting jailed for misdemeanors
That's until I change the channel to an ad for Neutrogena
On the TV screen, before my very eyes, I know that revolution will never be televised, but

[Hook x2]
Catch me on a zenith, catch me on a zenith
Catch me on a zenith, catch me on a zenith that's the only time you'll see 'em, nigga

[Verse 2: Joey Bada$$]
Catch me on a zenith that at the top holdin' my penis
While I'm screaming "Fuck the world!" that's the only time you'll see him
Bitch, niggas hate but wanna be him
Cause I'm at the colosseum
Internationally known, you are known in your home
Catch me on a zenith, looking, down from my nimbus cloud
Just thinking aloud, "The sky's the limit", HOW NIGGA?
I'm in it now and, Still I Rise, and as crazy as it sounds we gon' get more high
Catch me on a zenith asteroid projected to Venus
Woke up in a European with a singer
She said she just can't wait to get home and cook me dinner
Curry chicken for the soul, man I'm feeling like a winner
Swear I love that bitch
Catch me on a zenith, anything I say I mean it
Sorry if it hurt your feeling man, focused on my millions
Stacks piling past the ceiling, tryna get the future right for my future children
Like hol' that
Yeah, catch me on a zenith on the side the grass is greener
While I'm rolling up the reefer reeking louder than the speaker
Used to hate all of my teachers, now they in my bleachers
Cheering on my every move, now that I'm eating
Catch me on zenith channelling a fucking genius
While I catch the way these demons try to catch me while I'm sleeping
Won't slip, won't fall even if I did get back up and stand tall
Tell 'em suck my dick and catch me on a zenith bitch
For the last time, with my nigga D. Curry from the fucking C9 nigga
We done toured the whole globe two damn times
It's safe to say this shit is mine, man we run it

[Hook x2]

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