Derek Wise - RUNNIN' IT

RUNNIN' IT Lyrics / Paroles

Running and running it up
That’s all for me
Running and running it up
That don’t come cheap
Running and running it up
Swear that it’s free
I been just getting
So copping and spending is all that they see
All that they see
Swear that I’m winning
That’s all that they see
Fuck it I’m hustling
This money's a must
And I don’t want to leave

[Verse 1]
Running and running
And running and running
You swear there’s police
I just went cash
And I bought that new Beemer
There's no need to lease
Mamma said slow down my stunting
Before you be resting in peace
Niggas they envy
I’m hitting my jeweller to make me a piece

[Glam Break]

I been ahead of my time for so long
But I’m taking it ease
Promise they want me to be in a cell
I’m headed to Lee's
Me at a table with all of my niggas
We having a feast
And discussing the plan to come up on these niggas
This shit looking sweet

[Glam Break]


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