Dice Raw - Run [paroles]

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Dice Raw - Run

Paroles: Run

The darkness seems hopeless
Shots firing, cops sirens
It all sounds like a song to me
And it's saying
Run, run run run run
It's saying run run run run run
It's saying

[Verse 1]
Cops coming, shit when they ain't though
Stashed the little dope that I had inside a sinkhole
Roped off the edge of the block and said you can't go
Passed the corner someone got shot up on the eight floor
If you's a dope boy in these streets, there's no escape for it
You my nig, what the fuck you gonna do my nig
Without the drug flow, it ain't no money flow
Your child look at your funny, even your honey know
Funds low, don't sell dope well fuck I'ma go
Out in these streets that's all a nigga know
And I'm up to my neck, it's getting hard to see
Only way to make it out this shit is if God's with me
If this is a test and I can do it then God can see
The street's in me but there's also God in me
A yo cuz' you can't fake what's in your heart
To see your family go it ought break you apart


[Verse 2]
I grew up poor, you already know about that
Guess that's a fact, everybody know about blacks
Not fun to talk about that's why we talk about crack
Or driving Maybach's back-to-back
Yeah back to back
Yeah, another lost nigga want the [??] back to black
Cause I'm trapped, and all I'm trying to do is get the track back
Jumping shit, ain't that something
You build your own prison then lock yourself in it
Based on your own convictions
Losing your religion
You're making bad decisions
Chain on [??]
Yea it's hard to listen
The way the ice glisten
When I was young my friends was out there pitchin
And I was in class, broke, hard to pay attention
Money ain't everything, you sound real convincing
Niggas starvin in the hood and you'll never convince them
Live for a dollar and die for it too