Dizzy Wright & Demrick - Roll My Weed [Lyrics/Paroles]

Dizzy Wright & Demrick - Roll My Weed

Roll My Weed Lyrics / Paroles

See me rolling down the street
Police don't fuck with me
Let me roll my weed
Hoping that they pass me by
Cause they always tryna ask me "why?"
Let me smoke my weed
Leave a nigga alone
I ain't doin' nothing
Hot-boxing windows up
Yeah, we burning something
Let me roll my weed (2x)

[Verse 1]
This is a special occasion
We giving them what they demanded
Couldn't tell you we didn't plan it
Over-seeking the planet
High as hell you can tell
Smoking at the hotel
Putting the towels down
To hide your smell
I went from eating Mickey-D's
To eating medicated chicken wings
The more we learn the laws
We paint the city green
Is that up for discussion? (no!)
Yeah we stay out the way
Cause police handcuff you for nothing
Catch you, holding you in the holding tank
For smoking dank
Passing by
I hope they don't see me
But shit, I know they can't
Wanna smoke?
You know I do
Now run away
Nigga got them swishing guts
Up in the swishing box
By the way you acting
I can tell that you ain't lived a lot
A pound enough
I'm stealing shot
Feeling like Curry
Putting up another pretty shot
You could hate me
But you gotta give me props
Dizzy hot
Telling Demrick
"Until you finished watch out for all these fucking city cops"
Cause these motherfuckas


[Verse 2]
Clouding traffic with my niggas
We gon' smoke for sure
And let it off
Roll down the window
Like an open door
Me and the street life
Got a closed divorce
So nowadays I get paid off my vocal cords
With no remorse
Roll extendos in the venue
Smoking out the party
Now let's see what we get into
I've been dodging police since the days of sipping 40s
With my homies
Now I'm riding by my lonely
Getting stony
No phonies in your circle
Puffing purple past curfew
Police wanna stop, cuff, and search you
Tryna hurt you
Niggas getting pissed
Police scanners don't alert you
So I got the medi-card
To go and get my personal
This marijuana movement's universal
So I try and plant my seeds to grow
Before it all goes to commercial
Blaze up the herbal
They say patience is a virtue
No lie!
Police tryna blow my high
All the time


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