Dj Carnage - Bricks (ft. Migos) [paroles]

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Dj Carnage - Bricks (ft. Migos)

Paroles: Bricks


I know
You wanna go
I know-ow
You wanna go
Come on, we taking off
And I know you don't wanna miss this plane

Started with 100 bricks
Now I sold out bitch
My mama say stay patient
Hunnid bands I ain't waiting
I'm figgity figgity fucked up
Girl you got me fucked up
I'm figgity figgity fucked up
God damn you got me fucked up

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Fill my cup up then you got me fucked up
Every ugly bitch in here, they looking bad as fuck
She popped a molly Ou! Look at her tongue
The bitch that came with me said they want some
Just looking forwards, Just looking forwards, run!
Got pink in my cup, it's not lookin' like just a paper cup
I'm asking the bitch "what's her name?" she telling me Cinnamon
I want to put all my glaze on you like a Cinnabon


[Verse 2: Takeoff]
Lil' mama be looking so gorgeous
She ask me can I afford it
I told her bitch she got me fucked up
My 'migo she can't pay her mortgage
24k on my toilet
Pockets enormous calling me Norbit
Take it from Migos I'm making [?]
You niggas be trippin, you fucked up
If you thinkin' you good [?]
Livin' like witness, crips comin' through your chimney
I got the Bobby, the Britney, the Iggy
Sorry I ran out of Whitney
Yeah nigga, I'm making history
Before I die, you gon' remember me

[Bridge] + [Hook]

Straighten her teeth out, she hungry
Poppin' the molly, she horny
She talkin' too much, she annoying
She giving out blowjobs, no employment
My diamonds and then she thinkin' she gettin'
She said she got a nigga, tell him she cheatin'
It's been a whole weekend, so when are you leaving?
Just suck on the dick baby girl, don't be teething it
My niggas gon' send somebody, come and treat it
Migos and a bit of sold out arenas
Come get yo bitch 'out the system my nigga
She smokin' up all of the reefer
Leave my 2 liter, don't do margaritas
This shit that we're smokin' is louder than speakers