Dj E-Feezy - Shout Out (ft. Ace Hood & Yo Gotti)

Shout Out Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: DJ E-Feezy]

We work hard for what we do
We strive for greatness
Have you ever heard of DJ E-Feezy
The Wolf of South Beach
The EP, the mixtape, the album


Ain't no niggas like my niggas, we them niggas
Ain't no bitches like my bitch, she the richest
In my hood like a hater, we got killas
Don't fuck with us, don't fuck with us
Shout out to my _______, shout out to my _________ (2x)
Shout to my bitches, shout out to my hoes, (2x)

[Verse 1: Yo Gotti (Unfinished)]

Its the DJ bring it back, shout out to my states

[Verse 2: Ace Hood (Unfinished)]

________ I make you regret it see that ain't the smartest idea
______________, and niggas that don't act for real
With that lil money you makin I blow it and dream on a bill
Pull up to the club its a murder scene, shoulda wrote you a will
I'm killin' these niggas you know I'm hotter than water you boilin'
Fresh of that check from the torrent, never get checked when I'm boarded
I made a hell of a fortune I give all my niggas a portion
_________________ you know its important we get head in the mornin'
Shout out them niggas who never _________________
Shout out them niggas who hustlin', gettin' from night till the mornin'
And Shout Out them bitches who poppin' that pussy when dollars important
You rappers are all of my children I should vocate a fortune

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