DJ Holiday - Flexin' (ft. Meek Mill, Future, T.I. & Stuey Rock) [Lyrics/Paroles]

DJ Holiday - Flexin' (ft. Meek Mill, Future, T.I. & Stuey Rock)

Flexin' Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Stuey Rock](x4)
I'm flexing on 'em, I'm flexing on 'em, I'm flexing on 'em
I'm flexing on 'em, I'm flexing on 'em, I'm flexing on 'em like

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
I'm flexing on em' I'm stepping on 'em
Giuseppes on and them hoes love it
Pussy nigga try flexing on us I'll whoop your ass like you stole something
Ho be like can I hold something
I don't let these hoes hold nothing
Fake niggas with fake chains with fake ice that's cold fronting
You don't do it like me nigga, you ain't got to like me nigga
Got beef don't talk just do it, get checked like Nike nigga
Hundred K in my white T nigga
Make a movie like Spike Lee nigga
If it weren't for the rap then It's back the trap white girl like Ice-T nigga
Popped a molly she rolling I'm sipping lean slow motion
I'm high as fuck but I'm swervin'
I'm flexing on 'em Hulk Hogan
And we loaded young rich niggas
We don't fuck with no bitch niggas
Prolly fucking your bitch nigga
Got a condo on my wrist nigga like woah

[Hook: Stuey Rock]

[Verse 2: Future]
I blast off in a space coup
I'm way fresher than a tie and suit
That girl head was so good I had to nick name her [?]
I'm awesome I'm gnarly I'm a rock star I'm way flyer than you
[?] your girlfriend on my bullseye
I got to salute my plug, my plug he made me rich
I got to salute my hommies they turned up in this bitch
A bunch of bad girls in the club tonight
They want to take a nigga home they want to go on that flight
I'm an astronaut and I'm an alien
And in this car with me is an immigrant
Them two doors they lift up and that turbo that's a robot
I'm leanin', I'm leanin' that drink taste like soda pop
Holiday you got a classic no Reebok

[Hook: Stuey Rock]

[Verse 3: T.I.]
I got mansions out in them hills
I count [?] with them mils
What's quarter mil for that [?] that Bently came with them wheels
Got big chains with that [?]
Once on we used to be at one
Eastside little Vietnam if it's a check out there we finna be at one
Putting money in the duffel
Tell the plug he can give me a couple
Take it back to the trap make it double
I'm in the game for the love of the hustle
Nobody out to get money do it better than I
With a bunch of bad bitches and we traveling high
I've been the shit since Grove Park Douglass High
[?] repping the side
When I'm hanging at the rack quarter [?] on my neck
Everywhere I go these bitches be on my nuts
Nah her booty ain't big enough
You suckas don't do shit big as us
You don't like me get them millions up
Otherwise I can't hear you bruh
I said otherwise I can't hear you bruh
What'd you say I can't hear you bruh

[Hook: Stuey Rock]

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