Paroles: Rolling 50 Deep

Eyo it's DJ Kay Slay, the drama king
This hip-hop thing of ours
Over the last few decades, things have changed
And just like any other movement, nothing remains the same
I respect that
But the one thing that I can't respect is when individuals try to eliminate the original art form and try to rewrite history
Y'all can try all you want, but it cannot happen
Because like everything else in existence
From the dust the culture came, and to thе dust it shall return

Thousand dollar shades on, my lil' homies boost 'еm
Songs pumpin' Houston like Trae tha Truth produced 'em
Silverback n***a, I suggest you get used to him (Uh-huh)
O.G. gangsta (Yeah), now with the beamin' (Woo)
Body in a water sh*t, I thought that was streamin'
Cup of yon 'cause, n***as, we brought a whole team in
D Block homicide, look 'em in they faces (Hands up)
Look how many shooters with us, count how many cases

Hardest in the world (Ghost), you ain't gotta ask (Uh-uh)
Way before the quarantine I was in a mask
Ask n***as for six feet, pop 'em in the ass
You rap it like a G, what's it poppin' on a F?
Hoppin' out the DBS, gettin' to the bag
If you gettin' in my way, then I'm gettin' to the Mack (You know)
True story, it's too gory
Analyze the plug and the things he could do for me, ghost
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