DJ Premier & The BADDER - BPATTER [paroles]

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Paroles: BPATTER

[Round 1: Okwerdz]

See tonight, Mayweather has something in common with me

Cause neither one of us is fighting who you wanting to see

Now being top tier takes experience and growing

I put in blood sweat and tears over years for the moment

Pen paid to get you near an opponent

So like the movie, all it took was Deniro in Ronan/Rone in

See, you ain't on my level, this major leagues soldier

So you better use the hate from me to make it seem closer

But y'all remember Mook's statement?

If he says something okayish

It'll sound 10 times better cause it's going against the greatest

Well if any of y'all didn't believe his example

That's pretty much the entire fucking theme for this battle

And I already know what you'll write for me, it's quite corny

Got and A&E documentary on my life story

But if I did that to know how dumb it would sound?

Bitch your career wouldn't fill up a one minute round

It'd be like, there once was a guy named Rone

Who was known for battling

He faced off with Charles Hamilton, and well...that's the end

Yo...and that's the end

And I don't care about your battle with that faggot impostor

But why the FUCK where you AT a Charles Hamilton concert?

They're not going to call this "A battle of monsters"

They gon' label this a fan...rapping with Okwerdz

And it's funny when the fans turn and they all hate you

But I ain't tripping, they did the same shit to Lebron James too

So it don't matter, it's easy to beat me if they all gon' hate me

You'll just yell out "East coast" and they'll all go crazy

But I prolly deserve that and it'll work greatly for you player

But keep in mind the fans are gonna hate you for it later

I promise that shit, listen

Now, I don't give a fuck if you think that you hard on a beat

Rapping hard for four bars isn't hard or unique

But they say you can battle, you're hard in the street

But if DNA can beat him how hard could it be?

And how the fuck you went to college and you got this poor penmanship?

I hate everything ABOUT YOU, how you form sentences

The way that you're dressing in, your fucking sports references

And the way your voice sounds when you give it more emphasis


Go ahead

[Round 1: Rone]

So this the snack they gon' dangle in the cage with a Bengal

This really isn't fair, I have too many angles

You trying to dodge a Durango, I'ma leave him mangled

And all they'll recognize is that bloody fucking Kangol

He demanded unlimited and unjudged

I said, "that's pussy, but make it happen"

Pen said, "I need a main attraction"

I said, "You got a trained assassin!"

I said, "Pen" any terms that you offered him in

You don't understand where my confidence is

There is no way that Okwerdz can win

I can write him a marathon or a sprint

Unlimited versus me? That's like one on one

Full court, like when is he gon' learn?

Better yet it's one on one, full field, I'm running the kick returns

So one move I can roast the kid but I'd rather take it slow for him

So I can start coaching him and really rub his nose in it

See, you made battle rap about coasts

So just to get back at him

I would turn the tables and I do so happily

I could make indictments about the west whole battle scene

Take your personal flaws chalk 'em up to Freshcoast faggotry

See, this crowd deserves to crucify you

And that's just being real today

But I'ma ask 'em not to snap cause this is my kill to make

See it's not about views, tiers, coasts, blogs, who's aggressive and who's clever

It's about this stage today, Ok' and Rone and who's better

It's not about some haters or the cake that it took for the match

This that platinum toilet paper, I'm just too good for his ass

I knew I'd have this phony murked before I ever wrote a verse

But I wouldn't beat him dreaming so I said, "Let's go to work"

So I said, "Fuck everything about him."

From the addict to the basement."

Fuck the shitty trucker spot where your parents got acquainted

Fuck the drugs they were taking that explain how your face is

Fuck the beers they were dranking, fuck the condom for breaking

Fuck every baby sitter you had for successfully watching you

For the doctor who delivered you for not dropping you

Fuck everyone who follows you, your peeps and your homies

Fuck everyone who likes you, even remotely

Fuck your rhymes and schemes, your hype machine your legion of cronies

And fuck every single fan that doesn't see that you're phony

But if you ask Okwerdz, well he swears that he's the baddest

He's practicing poses in the mirror, yeah he swears that he's a savage

You rile him up, he's wilding out and when he gets the maddest

He storms to his computer room and...types that you're a faggot

Well, I'll use some terms that you understand

You are such a faggot

But even you had a chance to prove that you got active

You told Hollow not to cross a line acting like you'd smack him

Then Hollow went and crossed the line and wow, nothing happened

Yo, you've been to New York before

I'm not acting like it didn't happen

But you wasn't talking reckless about The Apple back then

If you'd have been a man about it they might even fight fair

You won't know it cause he won't show it, but you've been having nightmares

You love calling people faggots like you never type scared

But what would you say if Matt Hoffa was right there?

Yo I'm ad hominem, oxing him, yeah I'm taking his oxygen

Body him in NY, yeah I'll Team HOMI him

You went from trying to battle Mook to Lux, to Matt to Verb, to me?

Either you're lowering your standards or I'm a motherfucking beast

But shit, there's vets in the west at a level you can't touch

Dudes here like Money Bags will get you bagged up

Roosevelt would take you to school as a sack lunch

Shit, you would get smacked up by Prophit's half black son

Yo, in the midwest too, you couldn't beat Big Kannon

Shit, let's be real you couldn't beat Nick Cannon

You trying to be a bully, I'm calling him Biff Tannen

Don't know what he's yelling about he's Brick Tamland

Yo, you've been battling for over a decade

Son, it's truly a disgrace

If I'm battling in 2021, someone shoot me in the face!

I've been doing this for TWO YEARS and we on the same stage kid

This isn't where the pay is, this isn't where the fame is

So Okwerdz gotta face it

Every battle that you take is another indication

You'll never fucking make it

[Round 2: Okwerdz]

Now my name just confess you mentioned

Cause you getting less attention

Grind Time's in the mess you left in

I'm about to resurrect it

Everything I said I meant it

So fuck if you get offended

After this battle, Daniel Tosh gon' need Web Redemption

See, he claim he from Philly but from what I have found

He's from suburb surrounding called Montgomery County

80% white people, how lovely sounding

I hear Huntington's Valley Country Club is astounding

So stop biting Sway's flow and jocking Cassidy son

And start fucking repping where you're ACTUALLY FROM

See I knew he wasn't really from Philly at all

And when you did this with your voice you sound like Nicki Minaj

And I would say you're killing me Smalls

But you look more like the stepdad from Liar Liar trying to give me the claw

Right? Dead fucking on

See, I went from killing T-Rex, making him a small issue

Now I'm battling the chicken T-Rex evolved into

See you a Sigel type of rapper and your beak looks like an antler

This is the first time you see a bird get eaten by a cracker

So don't try to act like you violent soldier

Motherfucker you live on a pirate's shoulder

And my 2 on 2's in Europe weren't my sickest but

You did three with Real Deal and young ZM that sucked

I did three in ten days and we ripped 'em up

So when you can do that then I'll give a fuck

See you need to call ZM, get your situation fixed up

Stop fucking Real and Fresco's relationship up

Cause they'll be together forever, I know it's getting to your pride

But Trevor never loved you he just hits it on the side

And we know Fresco ain't had a scrap in his life

But I'm still pretty sure he'd beat yo' ass in a fight

Yeah, you know what's up you bony fuck

Every time he rhymes he holds his nose as much as Loaded Lux

Either that or he just sniffed a whole eight ball line

And he thinks he's at the game calling baseball signs

But I swear if Poison Pen gets the most promotion for his paper

Cause Adam battles and does voiceovers for the trailers

So when you told Troy Brown his voice sounds like an auctioneer

I couldn't help but think, "Damn, there's something ironic here."

Cause either you're doing a Bone Thugs rehearsal

Or you're the guy that says the side effects after every drug commercial

Fuck the world

You probably wanna hold Soul Khan at knife point

Cause you're sick of being number two golden white boy

And that was my verse so I'ma freestyle cause he ain't ready

Why the fuck is this lame dressing like Wayne Gretzky?

Faggot, you're a pathetic fag, I'll put you zipped up in a leather bag

You're not winning this race cause you're wearing a checked flag

And you're a fucking bitch pal

I hated snap backs the first time they were in style so I REALLY hate that shit now

Faggot sit down, it's unlimited, there's no time limit

So I'm gonna rap until I'm finished

And that's how it goes within the Pay Per View

But too bad nobody's gonna pay for you

Fuck it, go ahead

[Round 2: Rone]

I said, his raps are too feeble, I'm coming for Brian Peeples

And if i fucking need to I'm coming Brian's peoples

Any of Brian's students, any of Brian's pupils

He's not made for this shit, look at Brian's pupils

Beating Brian's kind of easy so how's Brian gonna beat me

I'm Adam Morrison at 'Zaga, Brian is Brian Scalabrine

So, get what I'm saying, you're a bench player

So, stick in your lane, play that bench player

Yo, you have no bars

If you were a phone company, all the calls would be dropped right now

If you're a prison, all the inmates would walk right out

You have no BARS

And that rapping style, it's always the same shit

Writing free, battle beat, it's always the same shit

First Rex, he said he'd change shit

I was like, "Okay sick"

He starts rapping and goddamn it, it was the same shit

Well most battle rappers suck at music you are not one of the outliers

If people say they fuck with yours, I'm calling you out, liars

You a man acting bitch, Mrs. Doubtfire

Always calling out names, he the town crier

Plus your sideburns look like Wolverine fucked one of the Outsiders

See, judging from your mutton chops, your girl has a muffin top

So every time you fuck her Ok', her buttons pop and stomach flops

But I be at that bitch house cause she got a big mouth

So guaranteed I'ma bust, yeah you can call me Tim Couch

I could call this guy a ferry, like he's Tyler Perry

But you look like Guy Fieri so much it's kind of scary

Your self worth? I'ma batter it

Your self confidence? I'ma shatter it

This battle's gon' be the reason that Okwerdz get's fat again


That was fucking good


No shit! I think I know why he's so pissed

He got skinny but he still can't see his own dick

And I think I know why he wears that baggy ass shit

Cause underneath your clothes you got some saggy ass skin

Like, a pussy on your stomach, yeah you have that

Well that's a pussy on a pussy get him Tampax

Yeah I rock snap backs, you can't have that

But when you stretch your extra skin it probably snap back

I've heard a million fucking stories about him acting like an A lister

Making demands, everything from grapes swishers to steak dinners

After hearing all that, I don't respect him a sliver

He's been acting like a diva, someone get him a Snickers

There should be a diva Mount Rushmore your head is resting on

Along with Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan and Elton John

When I see him spit, I think, "Damn it, he and his clique average"

As far as diva's he's established his status as Trish Stratrus

So Okwerdz is the female version of a hustler

You yellow as mustard, in need of a muffler

If he's on fire I might see what pee I can muster

Then say, "fuck it let it burn" like I was Usher

You softer than custard

But me cussing on cuts make him think he's a big bad wolf

With all that huffing and puffing the way that he talk

You would think he the baddest thing coming

When it comes time to eat you know he doesn't touch nothing

Son, you about the as rugged as a penguin or puffin

Marshmallows or muffins or teddy bears fucking

You Winnie The Pooh cousin

You Paddington's Bear's button

Your father is McLovin your mother is McMuffin


He's hungry


He'll be the first girl I hit, but I'll do this shit in public

I'll give this woman rights then I'll chalk it up to suffrage

Yo, you a nerd in this league, I'm a surgical beast

Murdering me is like trying to fucking herd a machine

I'm a fucking Senturion, whipping a Delorean

Sent to kill a man who's obsessed with the orient

You had a kung-fu themed mixtape but now you fucking with the boss

So rush ours/Rush Hour, see Fists Of Fury

Shit we could Rumble In The Bronx

Yo, you a grown man, that wants to be a gangster so bad

That he watches Behind Bars and Gangland with a notepad

You called Arsonol a "fag" then gave him a dick to dick hug with no hesitation

So if a white guy can't get a fair match in a black league, is that segregation?

But Smack finally might let you battle so now you on cloud nine

The way that he's been begging, I'm thinking, "about time"

If they would've told you to jump you would've said, "how high?"

If they said, "open up your mouth" you would've said, "how wide?"

Every time you spit a verse they know they fucking with a nerd

You the face of Grind Time Now cousin that's absurd

You didn't earn it money, it's the money that you earn

If you the figurehead they got I'm the one that they deserve

Go ahead, spit that dumb shit

[Round 3: Okwerdz]

See I'm getting kind of tired of rapping with dude

If I'm a diva then why the fuck am I battling you?

See I'll out write you, but out white you?

Nah, that'd be a dumb attempt for me

Cause I hate white dudes like you and I'd do it unsuccessfully

So fuck your tofu, Whole Foods, lattes, mayonnaise

Bad mitten, bad rhythm, ultimate Frisbee and anything involving a ten speed

Fuck tree climbing, recycling, right wings and any other stereotypical white thing

And you a college grad with the tools for a job now

So it's ironic that you're getting schooled by a drop out

Hold up. Hold the fuck on man. Chill the fuck out for a second. Don't talk while I'm rapping. You getting schooled by a drop out...

{Crowd starts cheering}

Well fuck everyone of you damn Rone groupies

That paid 30 dollars to come here to boo me

Fuck this shit

They get so mad when Freshcoast cats cheer for me

Y'all act like I'm Supa Hot Fire in the battle rap parody

But if you actually watching the matches

Everything good, Rex, Ars' and Hollow was rapping all got a reaction

So can all of these faggots please get off it

He even came to California and beat Kid Caustic

I mean, what the fuck is that shit?


{Crowd starts cheering}

[Round 3: Rone]

You buffoon

You're getting red in the face, what you doing in here?

You're cartoon

I half expect steam to shoot from his ears

You're like a TV police chief getting madder than shit

At his desk slamming his fist like, "I'll have your badges for this!"

Or like the football coach who fucks with the kids to get under their skin

Like, "Run it RIGHT this time or you gon' run it again!"

Yo, you think you coming up with crazy schemes, like you a mad scientist

But you bitch and whine too much, I'ma call you a "sad cryingtist"

Okwerdz, I could beat you if I used a haiku

Nobody likes you

You were told that you had friends

But you were lied to

So what the fuck you think Ok'?

I think you need a skin doc cause that shit's got pink spots

That look like a Rorschach ink blot

Plus you on some ungodly level ugly type shit

On some, I don't think a woman would ever love me type shit

Well a banging body is a must for me, I'm all about face

But when bad bitches see you they all about-face

And if I'm getting birds you know I'm murder it right?

And if he's getting buns he grilling burgers tonight

But when you see me slapping cheeks of that heavenly caliber

He gon' slap his cheeks, Kevin McCallister

Yo, you got your name at open mic nights

They thought he was just some random rocker

He hit the stage, the DJ said, "Well, that was awkward"

See, I don't do shit but live up to the hype

All you do is shows where the customer's like

When I'm under the lights I'm disgustingly nice

This is the first awkward/Okwerd thing I've ever done in my life

See I'm a step ahead when I put my foot down today for real

So you on shaky footing when you try to play the heel

Try to kick it or step to me, well your soul is mine

Cause you gonna get nailed if you toe the line

See, you ain't got a rabbit or a little fucking magic hat

But you look a little country so I'll lay this rascal flat/Rascal Flatt

He gets awfully loud so I offered him out

See what Okwerdz about and catch Ok' in a bout

He was talking a lot but get talkative now

And watch Oscar the Grouch get socked in the mouth

Diz' took you piggy backing through Europe

But what's a tragedy to me

Cause even then you're like Michael Bay

You need a disaster/Dizaster to succeed

He's a washed ass cracker

Soft ass cracker

Never can admit it when he lost ass cracker

Yo, look at him once, you can tell that he's the type to square up and get laced with a scheming right

He's out cold at the start of a freaking fight

But wakes up being like, "I beat him right?"

Yo, you can think that you're the leader, please believe what you want

This event's Follow The Leader, you're not a leader to us

I'll give Follow The Leader a new meaning because

It's easy when the leader's leaking a liter of blood

My squad will decorate your damn jaw if they let they hands off

You'd think that Club Revel just got hit with a flash mob

Yo, you can't fathom how I have it coward

Laughing now and laughing louder

All I do is take cheap shots like I was out at happy hour

But if y'all tried taking a shot for every name that he drops

After three rounds of his dick riding, y'all won't be able to walk

You co-sign everyone you've ever met

You really think that Tech N9ne is bragging dawg like

"Yeah, I did a track with Ok', the battle god, that's gonna put me back on top"

Try that shit around here, you get no level of respect

Just a finger in your face just like you did to Plex

You little bitch, you hypocrite, you really ain't about shit

You would make fun of my clothes if we were in the same outfit

So if your big homies make hits for Cube and Snoop

How come none of those hits don't ever trickle down to you?

And if the most important thing to him is hits on youtube

How come you and G. Rap just got 12,000 views?

You said seven rounds to every battle, now that's a tough pill to swallow

Cause ain't you pussy out of that fourth round with Hollow?

Oh, now you want to limit it but ain't it you that said

"Two minutes ain't impressive. You'd just put us all to bed"?

You've done so much dumb shit, really Brian I can't skip it

You making no one money so how he demand interest?

Pricing yourself out of leagues, burning all your damn bridges

And you the one talking 'bout wack bitches and bad business

But "we got a gold plaque" runs through his head on repeat

The Hilltop Hoods would hear that like, "What the fuck you mean "we"?"

You brandish that plague like you an O.G

One verse on one track and that's how it's gon' be?

Taking credit like you the one that do the whole thing

Son, even cheer leaders get Super Bowl rings

Yo, another blog, another Tweet

No one's fucking with that

It's clear it's just smoke and mirrors

All that stuff is just wack

So after all we hearing, no one's fucking with that

So stop crying Brian, shut the fuck up and rap

I made a carcass of him with all the bars that I spit

Because dissing the east coast ain't a marginal diss

So you started some shit and then got charred to a crisp

Well goddamn it Okwerdz, ain't karma a bitch