DMX - Prayer [paroles]

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DMX - Prayer

Paroles: Prayer

Lord Jesus you have brought me from a place so dark
To the point where I can now feel the love in my heart

So now I embrace it but I used to run
Didn’t know what I was running from or running towards
Till the day I saw it I was running from the Lord
And when I came back you accepted me with open arms and said
All is forgiven and I became so strong
That I can fight off the devil with the spoken words say it
Devil I rebut you when I say that I was heard because no matter what I been through
I can deal with it and because of what I went through I was still fitted

Knowing even when we are suffering he sees us
And when we were lost he believed the flock could find the one
Just like any father trying to find his son
And let me remind you no matter where you at he would find you
To help you put the negative behind you Lord give me a sign
Please let me know you’re near at or least let me know you’re here
Remind me to call you when we need you remind me to call you because we all need to
And give us the strength to just make it through one more day and
Jesus mighty name we pray.