Doe B - All Gas (Ft. T.I., Problem, Shad Da God & Trae tha Truth) [paroles]

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Doe B - All Gas (Ft. T.I., Problem, Shad Da God & Trae tha Truth)

Paroles: All Gas

[Verse 1:Doe B]

I come straight up out the bottom

Have 50 with dope fiends and robbers

Every nigga on my team got a choppa

Screamin for fuck the coppas, head bustin and fed duckin

All we know, all we know

30 round, LA shit, that’s all we know

Play, we get seen about

Take in a SK in the Sweeney house

50 pounds in the backyard, watching out for the jack boys

Jump in the task force

I’d like to welcome yall to ridgecrest

And those old niggas round me still there

Its Cote Block to my very last breath

When my granny died, I think that’s when I shed my last tear nigga

You don’t feel how I feel cos you don’t live how I live nigga

And I got hundrin in my blood uh

Got bricks all in my crib nigga(Free my uncle)

Wut you know bout having bricks in your crib nigga

Talking so many you can build a crib nigga

Lil nigga


Hustling baby is all we know

Blinded by these cars and clothes

These streets got me caught up in this place

Tryna make it out and maintain

[Verse 2: Trenacote Shawty]

Everyday trap house

Trenacote, got them pounds in the masc

Can’t serve without a get go

I bought that murda nawf back out

We was standing in the hallways

Duckin feds, servin Js

R.I.P Lil Mike, they had to take that boy away

Then why everytime you see my people throw away?

Posted in the cut with the cut always

And I am a Murk nigga, rest in peace Jerry

I know these niggas wanna see me on the T-shirt

They wanna see me fall, but I land feet first

Don’t wanna see me ball bitch but I get work

Circle K gas station, we don't smoke purp

All I blow is OG, kush and sip syrup

Trenacote Shawty, thee project baby

Prodigal of my environment, cause the bricks made me


[Verse 3:Doe B]

Caught up in the game like a maze

Come out first thing, bought a chain and a case so a nigga start hatin

Go get em out the way, 81 lawyers

So forget about the case and we can keep thuggin

There’s a pistol on your waist

Let 'em know that mister don’t play and mister don’t miss

Cause case don’t jail, real niggas don’t snitch

With the fully automatic, wiping out yo whole key yea

I know niggas on the road on a very long trip

I know niggas sold they soul homie just to look rich

If it ain’t bout money then you know it’s bullshit

When them shoes get ugly that when niggas pull tricks

I’ve been round niggas thuggin ever since I was a legit

Since a juvenile I’ve been getting it how I live

When father get a job, nigga I will pay bills

You can say a couple raw boys, see me shootin real

I need to wrap it, nigga


The streets is so hot

The streets is so hot

We tryna make it out there

We tryna make it out there

But hustling is all we know

Blinded by the cars and clothes