Doe B - Still Ballin (Ft. T.I. & King South) [paroles]

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Doe B - Still Ballin (Ft. T.I. & King South)

Paroles: Still Ballin

[Verse 1]

I'm Ah laying in A Flatine

Got a Heart attack From Rapping lines

They can understand my rhymes

This yeay im doing Prime

I Stay Up Past 12 no such thing as 9 to 5

I work for different reasons

I do it Anywhere in A season

Now this is my Legion

Imma Maryland Made Student Put it in my bio

Still Ballin till im 40 im just a child

Im Fresh from Head to Toe

Rest In Piece Doe B. now you know

How Kay Mill$ put on a show

And I "I Said flippin Yeah" and were Known

God Bless This industry Im Livin in this earth

And I was Fresher Since Birth

Now Its a Lyrical Now you know

Im not a snake in a grass anymo'

Im like Nike I just Do it

Do it for the Realest

Hotter Tracks Can you Feel it

I need To Turn On The AC

Its What Agent Be listening if it loud

100% Its hot in tis Stadium with the fans

And Said That All ya'll Are cool Raise ya hand

People being paid like a meal


Good times roll Fast times are slow

Is only Theory is his soul

C'mon lets go We the best (

[Verse 2]

Im loving these Rap lines

It Is always Time

I like to Be on my Busta Rhymes

Based God You know what it is

Luchini Is Fresh outta Camp lo

Gimmie that Sugar Call it Sweet n Low

Im on 0-100 But im repping city 240

Im riding down The Interstate 95

Im a star Like Living in Muholland Drive

Im still Here But you think like I died

Every Experience and I still survive

Like a wanted poster wanted dead or alive

Im the Boy from The Upper North

Im up Player on the court

West Coast Keep Bouncin The ghetto too Short

Traveling In the state I don't Need Passport

Kays only theory is the soul Its a wrap

On The Mixtape my genre is a rap