Doe B - Trashbag Money (Ft. J.R. Boss & Perry Boy) [paroles]

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Doe B - Trashbag Money (Ft. J.R. Boss & Perry Boy)

Paroles: Trashbag Money


Trashbag money, please don't get me started

Nothing but racks up in this bag this ain't no garbage

Shoebox money, please don't get me started

Fill to the top with 100's ain't no jordans

[VERSE 1: Doe B]

Trashbags money talking Glass backs money

Remix everything this ain't never swag money

Momma said boy you act like you ain't never had money

Birdman money I'm talking cash money

And when I grow up I wanna be a millionaire

Shoebox money man I got about 50 pair

Fill those with 100s ain't no 20's, ain't no 50's

And my clientèle jumping cause my 20's look like (fishes?)

Sold a diamond to a dummy then I cash that on a bricky

Remix I brought a quarter bag like Robert Griffin

Walking with them trash bags like I am working for the city

Nigga check that shoe box them ain't no motherfuckin Timberlands

[VERSE 2: Jr Boss]

Counting all this damn money, man my hand hurt

Grand daddy purp, got my next tail chirping

Bring it to your front door call it curb serving

Put me in the hall of fame, a young George Gervin

All this shit I sold, I should have been a pharmacist

Just make sure your money straight or I can front ya shit

Ever seen a trap nigga do a magic trick

Me with it strong 18 to a 36

I got swipers that turn regret to a hoodlum

Nigga playing with that work, he gonna have problems

Nigga mad about his bitch because she swaller

(Thawing food?) situation what we call her

Trashbag money please don't get me started

That's the main reason why I tote this forty

Two bad bitches and they both foreign

Around the world touring but I am not a artist


[VERSE 3: Perry Boi]

Nothing but hustler around me, that's just how we do it

I smoke nothing but Irene, don't pass me that boojy

Perry Boi, Solid hood, nigga the streets were my influence

Post it up, lil harver circle K all the way to stuart

Got a little girl in this world, no time for the bullshit

Thinking I ain't gonna fuck you over, boy that ludacris

I'ma pull your car nigga and fuck your broad nigga

And take your soul from ya because you ain't got no heart nigga

I was 16 when I touched something hard nigga

And I was 17 when I caught that charge nigga

I knew you was a bitch-made that why I won't fuck wit ya

CBM, we got it out the mud gutter nigga yep