Doe B - Whenever Wherever (Ft. T.I. & Spodee) [paroles]

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Doe B - Whenever Wherever (Ft. T.I. & Spodee)

Paroles: Whenever Wherever

[Hook: X10]

Whenever, wherever, whoever, however

[Verse 1: Doe B]

Whenever I catch you downback

Just know that your ass

And the red light is a green light

On sight, toe tag

My hood don't go pass

'Round here you have no pass

Don't forget, take a pic'

Write it down on your notepad

Don't call my phone cause we ain't squashing shit

I'mma show your niggers we ain't 'bout that shit

My phone calling you at this bitch

Don't play with me cause I'm not your kid

As you can see I'm on my macho shit

I'mma show your niggers I got real muscles

And ya'll niggers should've been killed

Because right now I'm gettin' real money

I could get you touched for a lil' night

Them niggas too while they ill hustle

That bitch too while she pillow talking

Tell that ho go pick a coffin

Telescope, I see you walking

Hit your ass thousand miles away

Heard the news while I was ballin'

Cashing out with a smiley face

Anywhere any time of the day

Pick a place, it ain't matter

Broadday [?] style

Just say the words 'his shit [?]'

Your lil' niggas in big trouble

Got two big for them small bridges

Is whenever, however, [?] we on with it


[Verse 2: T.I.]

How promise you tell 'em whenever, wherever

I see 'em, I'm getting and clapping that metal

What that look Christoffer, better do better

SK's, AK's, A.. else pick a letter

Messes for who want it with me

You wanted the hashish you gotta come get it

I'm drawn with a 100 on me

Walk up on me finish, I handle me business

Just call me your dawg, I'm a menace

Ain't no go back and fourth, ain't no sinnin'

No this ain't no payphone

Nigga J's don't bring dope here, tell 'em go tear

Whoever you got is whatever come at

Or meet my wherever my blow sale

Carefully husling [?]

Quarters and hash, you order a bag

I'm dropping that weight on your ass

Don't pay me my money I blast

Gettin' cash whenever on your ass wherever

As whoever I'mma make it last forever

Half of you [?] so fuck you nigga

Yeah, you hear me fuck you nigga

I ain't finny play with one of you nigga

Whenever I like I touch you nigga


[Verse 3: Spodee]

Whenever, wherever

I come from the slum where is hard as the devil

Then come with this girl and we're leaving together

Gucci's and DC's, these on my shelves (Yaa)

[?] gifted for leading norwegian or leading some rebels

I came from the bottom, I leave with the middels

Still walking the streets, smoking weed with the fellas

Leather and wood, my interior's handled

Gon' call back the motor

Ey, where the fuck are the drugs

Cause I don't really like [?] it sober

I wanna play but my bitch want to rover

I can't explain, my ambitions took over

To her right now, but I used to ride over

But in it they better than marshals and soldiers

Thousands of people believing in Spodee

I lead from the show, where they treating my holy

Niggas I'm winning, classics and [?]

I keep on stacking my chick in the [?]

Whenever, wherever, whoever, however

I thought niggers wanted it

Please I will be coming with guns

Somebody be my opponent, yeah