Dom Kennedy - 2 Bad (ft. Tish Hyman)

2 Bad Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Tish Hyman]

You're too bad, baby, I just had to tell you

You're too bad and now I wanna get familiar

You're too bad, oh, gotta get to know ya

You're too bad, yeah, girl, you're too bad

[Verse 1: Dom Kennedy]

Bet they never saw this comin'

Size 5'6" crop top and hip-huggers

Cinnamon Big Red MAC gloss, her lips covered

Couldn't tell you how I felt then, hope this does it

And when we out in public, got you blushin' and all that

Hook my homeboy up wit' ya cousin and all that

We can hop in my third whip and swerve shit, my turn

Aye, how many times you heard this? (You're too bad)

But you don't make me nervous

I take you somewhere phones ain't got service

Grab a twelve-pack, let me nail that

Aye, I can't even smell that

And I can tell that you treat your body well

Gon' give 'em hell, yeah

We pullin' up for real, Benz like Denzel, yep

Watchin' Mo' Better Blues from rooms with way better views

If we talkin' 'bout for you, then it ain't no better dude, feel me?


[Verse 2: Dom Kennedy]

Aye, and I never saw this comin'

Runnin' through twelve-pack magnums, them big rubbers

Now she wit' OPM, we can do big numbers

Her old boyfriend realizin' he did love her

I wake up every mornin' same time, like ten-somethin'

Do some push-ups, couple crunches to "Been Thuggin'"

Hit the studio, [lighter flick], and I spend somethin'

Buy a house first, then I'm a go get my wrist flooded

Cause money get niggas in the club, the list doesn't

I only wanna wear my own clothes like Ben Hundreds

And stay in big casinos, navy chinos

All weed, nigga, no premos, haha yeah

Still watchin' Mo' Better Blues

Stay in, order food, white robe, get her nude (Woo)

From rooms with way better views

If we talkin' 'bout for you, then it ain't no better dude, feel me?


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