Paroles: Pharaohs

Wallace got the bounce
Great catch and finish

[Verse 1: The Game]
Wake up every morning and I'm grateful
To my city, I remain faithful
To my bandana, I will never disgrace you
To my dead homies, I will never erase you
Fuck with me though
Memory of my nigga Vito
Back and forth to Toledo
Everything stuffed in that Regal, come on
On that 10, twin Desert Eagles
We let them birds fly like eagles
Get your head cracked for that kilo
Bust a strap and reload, shoot them shots like free throws
Tires burning 'til they bald like they went through chemo
All the niggas we know, they stick to the G code
Throw that dolphin in that water like you Dan Marino
Don't do no faking, don't take no losses, nigga
If you get caught, you close your mouth, don't take they offer, nigga
We blow this green like we in Boston, nigga
Yeah, we flossin'
Can't fit no Escalade in your coffin, nigga
Coughin' on Gelato
House in Calabasas, look like niggas just hit the lotto
We out here on our bullshit like Chicago
Other people's money, that's the motto

[Verse 2: DOM KENNEDY]
Every day I wake up, man, I'm grateful
To this LA shit, I'm faithful
I used to rent Juice at the Blockbuster
Turned lemons to lemonade, man, they gotta love us
If not, I'ma still bang this anyway
Since '84, and I would never change
Hell nah, I ain't never bang
Back against the wall, I can't hesitate, fuck with me though
We got that good product
Influenced by Pac way before he got shot up
Real recognize real and we in the hills
Denzel on the Samsungs
Smoking out of papers, American Gangster
I'll replace you, wasn't patient
Now I'm tasting what I dished out, rosé, Cristal
Vocals getting mixed down, chicks getting mixed down
Dom need a big house, Cinco need a big house

[Verse 3: Jay 305]
Wake up every morning, Lord, I'm grateful
Crenshaw and King where my name known
All around the world, that's my billboard
All my niggas kings, ain't no Game of Thrones
Flip it, get rich off a zone, chickens
Whip it, whippin' up a home, listen
Quit bitchin', get it on your own
Yeah, I'm from where I'm from, ain't no love where I'm from
But I love where I'm from, auntie Bertha smoking dope
Smoking dope with her son, you can die with a gun
South Central got more bodies than the World War I
I'm too busy making plays, if you ain't 'bout it, get out the way, uh

[Chorus: MoeRay]
We don't ever settle down, no, no
Couldn't put the metal down, no, no
We on different levels now, now, now
Living like a pharaoh, living like a pharaoh
Never let 'em near your crown
Keep your eye on these sparrows now
We on different levels now
Living like a pharaoh, living like a pharaoh
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