Don Trip - Allen Iverson [paroles]

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Don Trip - Allen Iverson

Paroles: Allen Iverson

the people around you all want their portion
a couple mercedes, a couple of porsches
the bitches are shiesty so a couple abortions
hoes gets slimey, they all like oysters

the media picking at you they all like vultures
and you on the pedestal, you gotta stay focused
every move you make, it represents your culture
you wanna be normal, but that life’s over
now you on tv, magazines and posters

your represent gangstas, you represent soldiers
and they can’t stand you, why cause you not oprah
and you got tattoos, your ? all rolled up
and they like “oh my” and you like “so what”
the world is cool but one thing it showed us
whatever don’t kill us only makes us more tough

in search of fame, at sanity’s cost
you a household name, but all privacy lost
you make a mistake, they hang you up on a cross
all of a sudden they forgot who you are
they forgot about all the times you hustled and fall

please show me a king thats never suffered a loss
or show me a man that never suffered a scar
and i’ll show you a man thats never given his all
i’ll show you man thats never given his heart

you can’t be a gentleman when you swimming with sharks
shit, when you wanna be superman, who gonna be clarke kent

pour out my heart until i wind up heartless

they here when you ride then celebrate when you fall
but throughout it all, i just ball