Don Trip - Cream of the Crop [paroles]

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Don Trip - Cream of the Crop

Paroles: Cream of the Crop


Fuck was I thinkin?

Shit, I shoulda known bout it

I shoulda trusted my gut, maybe this shit woulda gone better

Time to fire lawyer, he’s not looking out for me

Obviously I’m trapped in a whole nother trap, the irony

So fuck this shit, I’mma do me nigga

So what? Go ahead, sue me nigga

I’ll die about it, I’ll kill for it

Now album out and I’m still tourin

Shouts go out to yo projects

You talk to more than you know

Now I don’t care if it’s up or down, I was under magnetic control

And I just give my all to this, give my heart to this

Til my heart explode

No man sound, I’m bare face, here to back what I’m owed

It’s my fault that I fucked up, I’m the dummy that signed

Everybody must play the fool, no exceptions I find

I blame nobody but I

I take my losses with pride

Bought 36 more watched, I’m makin up for lost time

Take no prisoners, no hostages

It’s all real, no politics

No apologies, I’m all in it so my kids never know poverty

I wanna ball out like yall do

I lost 60k in one lawsuit

Can’t keep a good dog down but I’m still eatin no dog food

Half a mill for that plug deal

But just in case it don’t fall through

I’m still trapped nigga, I got great credit, just hit me plug and we all cool

Inside, the realest with me

We’re all strapped and we’ll all shoot

Black van, we hop out

Spray you up, that’s a call booth

Take my tool, you know how to count money

That’s more important than any cartoon

And I hate these clothes, I love the money they payin niggas just to walk through

Love nothing more than my 3 kids

Kill you over they sace shoes

Go right at home, play with Jana

And feed her sisters while I watch the news

Either way I win

But I’m afraid a man lost his screws

What I’mma do if I go bad tho?

True thing’s I never thought it through

I never thought it through

I tried not to

I’m all alone for the plays

My mind is torn in 2

I don’t know what you want from me

I’ll give it all to who wants nothing

I’ve lost family and lost money

But I’m too invested to walk from it

Now preach