Don Trip - Don't Do It (Freestyle) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Don Trip - Don't Do It (Freestyle)

Don't Do It (Freestyle) Lyrics / Paroles

Don Trip
Ain't no telling what kinda shit I'm on
I ran into to a fan they said it's been too long
I took the road less traveled on with no navi
I'm just trying' to find my home
All my weapons are Army grade
The ATF might want to confiscate
I moved up out the hood
Yes I'm eating but all my problems ain't gone away
I come from hiding like 20 pounds in momma house in the laundry room
Call my shit a home office
I was getting offers
My mom though I was off to school
Well college, oh sorry
I'm so sorry I'm not ashamed
She worked so hard and still lost it all
And no Tylenol can stop the pain
Wonder how am I not insane
Heart cold enough to host hockey games
Stay on track don't interfere
Ever seen what happens when you try to stop a train?
Make me crash out
Pull that AK out
A-K hurry, send a medic
I'm on the edge
It's been a minute
Still a shooter like J.J Redick
Type of shit give nightmares to Freddy
This word's a beast,I came out her belly
Me and my brothers; Me and my sisters
Like Cheryl and Reggie
Hold up, who?
You gon do what to me. Cool
Pull up, let's see what it do
You know the drill like a bucket of screws
The clip on my shit like a fucking' canoe
You catch a tip like you stuck in a hoop
I can't let you play me, got something to lose
My job ain't finish. My brothers still serving
They touching' the birds like duck duck goose
From out my window's a fucked up view
I won't let my son grow up no goon
I won't let my daughters grow up to be strippers
The world's on my back like a fucking' masseuse
I don't speak a word if I don't know the truth
I won't say a word to the fuckers in blue
You niggas is pussy
They get you in booking
You get to singing like Moulin Rouge
(Don't do it. Don't do it)
Shit can get heated. The K got a coolant
School of Hard Knocks and you niggas is truant

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